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Entry 11/04/2009 04:04:06 AM – Mentat 539


     Jeez, it must be Full Moon Madness here in the Biggest Little.  First off, I found myself completed knackered because of the change from Daylight Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time…  Then I find my hormones in overdrive….  Then I’m seeing e-mail within the routine support boxes completely untouched since early yesterday morning, and now I’m finding myself excessively annoyed dealing with people that can’t perform even the most basic troubleshooting to verify whether it is the cable modem or their equipment (and automatically assume that it’s the modem that’s the issue and that we need to ship someone out there to fix it immediately even though their equipment’s bridging on through and I can properly ping it).  The tense part is the annoying about this, as I’m having a particularly difficult time trying to keep the tenseness out of my voice when dealing with customers.  Oh, let’s not forget that I’m also seeing a butt-load of trouble tickets that have been sitting in the group box for a better portion of a week with nothing more than "left voicemail, awaiting customer call back" entries for about three days, which I usually force close as customer cancelled on the fourth day.  I’m not sure what this is about, but I’m getting the distinct impression that rabble-rousing has been going on, and people just don’t care for their job like they used to given that we’re dealing with not only the East Coast, but West Coast as well.  Ugh, this is going to bite me in the ass, I can just feel it, and frankly given the added work with less than level 1 support for Hotel Guest Laptops and their lack of basic troubleshooting issues with their own equipment, I find myself extremely apathetic toward it all. 

     Enough on that — I’m not in the mood to vent about everything from work — as it’s just too bloody annoying to want to chafe through. 


     Although the thing that I want to cover at the moment is the fact that I have vacation time coming up.  In fact, it’s just over 2½ weeks before I’m off for about 9 days.  As I’ve mentioned before there’s a good chance that the only thing that I’m going to be doing for it is staying home and puttering around the house during it — but if it looks rather ugly for the holidays (as holidays with the family generally go south in ways that I don’t like dealing with), there’s also a good chance I’m going to plan a last minute flight from New England for warmer climes if only to escape the potential dysfunction.  More on that the closer I get to that time. 


     Oh!  And then there’s the other thing that’s got me all sorts of tense dealing with people…   The complete lack of reading comprehension that seems to be going on, on the various LGBT dating-type websites.  My profile on several of them has the headline: "If you’re not from the USA, don’t waste my time" and then goes on further to say more politely, "…while I have friends from all over the world, I would like to network and be social with [queer]folk within the continental USA.  If there’s an ocean and continents separating you and me…  if you add an @yahoo.com e-mail address to your message to me, be prepared because I will mark you as spam with the postmasters here." 

     Who seems to be messaging me leaving their @yahoo.com e-mail address?  Every fuckwit from the Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, and obscure parts of Russia.   *sighs* I know that they’re desperate in these countries — lord knows that I’ve dealt with them in my years of being on IRC — but really….  There’s no need for this.

     Hell, I was telling Alex about some of the conversations that I’ve dealt with in my years and they always go the same way:


Random Pinoy: hi! Want to be my friend^_^

Me:  Piss off, I’m not interested @_@

Random Pinoy: You’re rude!

Me: Did you read the profile?

Random Pinoy: No, let’s be friends!

Me: What part of the words "Piss off" did you have problems comprehending, retard?

Random Pinoy: Why do you have to be so rude?!  😥

Me: Because I’m not a rice queen and I’m not into exporting your sorry ass from your third world country.  And if you read my profile you’d know what it was I was looking for. 

Random Pinoy (after long pause): I read your profile.  You’re rude!

Me: Thank you for wasting 5 minutes of my time.  Glad you realize now I’m not interested

Random Pinoy: Goodbye! D:


     Then ends up with my having to ignore them because apparently saying good bye three times to them doesn’t give them the idea of moving along.  And this is one of the more pleasant conversations that I routinely deal with.  *sighs*  Of course, the sometimes amusing part is watching people trying to proposition me for sex, and my profile doesn’t read anything of the sort…  Then again, I’ve covered that joy before.


     Ugh…  Then there’s the whole thing about the dreams that I’ve been having as of late.  From post war nuclear holocaust kind of dreams, to stressful dreams dealing with folk that I don’t deal with in my life coming back into my life to make my life a living hell (like my biological father, for example).  Really, enough is enough on the being kidnapped and having my biological father tell me, "it’s not that bad and I should buck up and deal with it." 

     *shudder* waking up from the dream was a joy, believe me. 


     About the only good thing that I have to say in this journal entry is that I’ve been sufficiently amused by my continued reading of stories from HP Lovecraft, and HG Wells.  Lovecraft’s use of English is certainly more florid than I’m used to dealing with, and Wells’ is more down to earth.  I didn’t realize that Griffin in The Invisible Man was invisible from the start and that he was working to trying to get himself cured.  I had always been under the impression (mainly from Hollywood) that he had caused himself to be invisible during the story and that he was struggling to cure himself of it.  It’s certainly an interesting turn of events coming into the story with the madness and not the leading into it. 

     Also read through the first Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet.  It was a fun story, but I didn’t like the end of it at all, for while the story set up Holmes’ arrogance and confidence in his ability nicely, the ending was entirely too contrived and trite and wrapped things up in a way that didn’t lead to deductive reasoning.  Particularly given that there were two elements that were thrown out that didn’t get tied up in any proper way.  I might give The Sign of Four a go and see if Doyle improved his deductive reasoning for Holmes in the story. 


     Well that’s about it for the time being.  I’m off to smolder this madness out of me.  Until the next time.

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