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Entry 11/08/2009 05:43:49 AM – Mentat 540


     Well I was sufficiently amused with the re-imagining of the pilot for V.  Certainly a ramp up from what I remember of the original series that I had watched 25 years prior…  Seems a bit more palatable than the original 80s showing of it.  And while it’s on ABC (instead of the original NBC which it had been on), I have a bit of trepidations as to whether or not ABC is going to be able to pull this off as a long-running series, mini-series, or just another failed attempt at them trying to run a sci-fi show into the ground…  As they had done with Defying Gravity.  Although I have to say, it was extremely hard to swallow watching Berger (Ron Livingston) trying his hand out as an astronaut, instead of the doe-in-the-headlights and almost vapid actor I remember from Sex and the City as well as in Office Space. 

     Seems that this time ’round, the powers that be are trying out their hand with 21st century buzzwords like terrorists, sleeper-cells, along with the usual run of "underground resistance".  And they’re also pushing that the infiltration had started some years ago, complete with groups of Visitors creating subversion as well as resistance groups against their brethren trying to protect and save homo sapiens from becoming food for their bellies. 

     About the only thing that I’m having slight issue is the almost heavy-handedness of dealing with religion and devotion in this story.  While it seems to be giving the show the necessary realism in order to allow fans and viewers to suspend their disbelief enough to continue to watching the show, I don’t like ABC and Disney’s heavy-handedness of dealing with those elements.  Seems that in the 80s, even the religious elements had been downplayed; partially because not playing with religion was considered sacrosanct…  Mostly because there had been other shows on during that time that had more than their fair share of religious elements. 

     Suffice it to say, I’ve added V to the queues so that when the new shows come out, off I’ll be to Hulu to watch the next episode… 


     As for me, I’m glad that the mood that I had going the last week has finally passed.  Gone is the hair-triggered impatience, the flare-up anger because of excessive childishness (and slacking) at work, the boredom and even the disgust with my own company.  Good thing too, I was getting tired of that.  Still not entirely sure what the deal with this was, and while I blame the full moon last week being the contributor to it, the fact of the matter is I haven’t been affected by lunar activity ever. 

     My dream states have been pretty vivid and frustrating).  Quite a lot of dreams dealing with dating (which I haven’t actually done in some years)…  Family dreams (which I don’t normally have at all)…   Hell, even had one or two involving exes that I’ve never had either.  Of course, smattered throughout the week have also been dreams involving government conspiracies, post war nuclear holocausts, magic and sorcery (mainly on my part affected the immediate world around me), and even one or two dreams involving everyday adventures around my hometown. 

     Highlights of some of the dreams was me dealing with my biological father kidnapping me (this is a reminder of the time my biological father kidnapping me back when I was about 12 or 13 and being whisked to Cape Cod because of my parents fight for custody between the two of them).  Seems that in that dream he told me that I should buck up and accept fate.  Yeah, I accepted that all right, for the instant the car stopped, I got out of the car and woke myself out of that dream.

      Had a dream on the ex, Eric and how he wanted forgiveness for the shit that he put me through after my being discharged from the Army and losing Tommy.  That dream went well too, as I woke myself out of that one as well. 

     I did like last night’s dream even though it was pretty clapped out.  Seems I had the ability to fly, and a couple of other abilities that I had used to fight crime and injustice in my hometown.  Although toward the end of the dream I had demonstrated issues in trying to fly long distances.  Although I didn’t have any problems trying to float (glider-like) from the top of a hill (which was located near the Providence & Worcester Railroad Station on Main Street) down to Railroad Street….  Heh, and like all dreams the proportions and the directions only seem to make sense in my dreams, not in the reality you’d see if you were street-level (like I just did on Google Maps).  Unfortunately, this was the only dream that I didn’t try to force myself out of it — instead in this dream, I really didn’t give Eric any forgiveness, and ended up instead finding a boyfriend when I had left him wherever he’d been staying that he had been staying at in my hometown. 

     Heh, this is probably why I didn’t wake myself out of that dream — it wasn’t quite as stressful as some of the others that I had during the week. 


      Other than that, it’s been quiet on this side of the world.  Not surprising really given that I’ve pretty much done everything in my power to keep my brain activity to a low, while at the same time trying to calm down my moods so that I’m not quite so incendiary.  I’ll probably write a bit more this evening on my weekend.  Once I have some coffee and sort through some of the remaining e-mails that I have sitting in my inbox.

     Until then or the next time.

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