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Entry 12/04/2009 05:36:38 AM – Mentat 544


     Back after two days, and it’s pretty damned amazing what nine days off can do for one’s state of mind and emotional state.  Of course at the same time, I’m finding it pretty damn surprising some people are still flocking to Sin City what with the economy the way that it’s been.  Then again given the time that I had off, five of those days that I had off I dreamed of work.  Not surprising either that out of those nine days that I had been on vacation I also had at least seven dreams involving dating and relationships with people I haven’t the foggiest who they were or where I had seen them, six dreams involving completely fantasy elements, and five dreams involving post-war, nuclear holocaust…  the kind of surreal dreamscapes that would make Mad Max proud.  Heh, at least Tina Turner wasn’t in any of them with stiletto heels and a chainmail T-shirt with football-esque shoulder pads.

     And the calls…  My god…  It’s amazing really when it comes to the kind of calls that I get on a day to day basis from Sin City.  While I can understand that with businesses some people simply don’t understand the concepts of how a Cable Network operate (and sometimes even fiber networks), the amount of calls that demonstrate people not knowing even the most basic troubleshooting skills of one’s own laptop.  Or even know what they have for a laptop even with it booting up every day they use it.  Here we are, at the verge of the twenty-first century with quite a lot of people having jumped onto the technological bandwagon of the "Information Superhighway" for more than a decade can’t even figure even the most basic skills necessary for checking one’s wireless connection and whether it had attached to a Wireless Network.  Some of the questions and comments that I get through the course of the night look sort of like this:


  • My internet isn’t working, send someone up now to fix my problem!!!
  • My name and room number don’t match, I’m running Windows 97…
  • I’m calling from Room xxxx please turn on the internet for this room (It’s always on, this is why it’s Wi-Fi just like at Starbuck’s). 
  • You mean I have to have my laptop on in order for me to use the Internet? 
  • I’m running the newest Windows — Windows 2007 — and I can’t get it to find any Wi-Fi Hotspot… 
  • What do you mean I have to pay for the network wire?!  You need to comp me for that immediately!
  • I’m on my business’ laptop and I don’t know what I’m looking at, can you remote into my computer and show me?
  • What do you mean you can’t tell me when an engineer’s going to be up to my room?!  I called 10 minutes ago!


     And that’s just the opening statements.   Some of the answers I get to the questions I ask are even more hysterical (in the campiest and saddest of senses)… 


  • (When asked whether they have a start button or an apple on the desktop)  Yes! (No, this is an OR question, not yes/no)
  • (After giving detailed instructions as to getting to a terminal in Mac or Linux /or command prompt in Windows) Wait, you want me to do what? (And all the time as I gave each step, the individual said, "yes"). 
  • I speak no English! (And then call back 10 minutes later, I get them again and they’re speaking perfect English). 
  • I don’t understand a word you’re telling me, just send someone up to fix it for me!  (Which, I’ll respond with, ‘I can send a technician but it might take more than an hour.  But, the technician won’t touch your computer and you’ll end up doing exactly what I’ll be telling you when and if he shows up.  Would you like to wait or would you like me to attempt to fix your issue?’).  *exasperated sigh* Fine!
  • I’m sorry but the phone in my room doesn’t reach where the laptop is (while they’re trying to troubleshoot connecting wirelessly and they’re in a hotel room.  While I haven’t gotten this call personally, a couple of the technicians that I work with have). 


     And that’s just scratching the surface to the sort of calls that I get.  It sort of reminds me of the calls that I used to deal with when I worked at Care New England, but the only difference is that I don’t get the chance to remote into the desktops to see what problem the individual is having.  Do I mind this sort of nonsense?  Absolutely!  I like working on network and telephony troubleshooting, and while occasionally don’t mind working out basic computer troubleshooting, doing it with the level of frequency I need to do with guests to Sin City since the changes that had occurred within the call center is well outside the scope of the job that I signed up for. 

     The good thing is that I have another week before my next vacation and with the year coming to an end, I have things to think about come the next year.  And apparently some involving new resolutions for the 2010 year.  More on that as time progresses. 

     So other than that, it’s coming up on the end of the year, and I’m not quite looking forward to the madness, insanity and general all-around craziness that comes from commercialism and the Christmas Holiday Season.  Should be for an interesting time, given that this year is pretty bleak financially.  Given the insanity that I had seen the first day back since Thanksgiving which is usually some of the signal that people are winding down for the year, I get the impression that it’s going to be busy well into the new year as people continue to try to work to pay the accumulated bills.  I’ll know for sure in the next couple of weeks if it continues with the mad-dash insanity that I had seen both on Tuesday and the day before yesterday.  Yick, too much fun for a human to have in one day believe me. 


     Sitting here working on this journal entry, watching Alias through season two all over again, and changing over to reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my E-Reader one of the thing that intrigues me about these sort of stories is the intrigue and undercover work going on.  Not to mention the scheming, the espionage, even the crime and investigations going on.  Heh, perhaps I’ve found my second calling with entertainment.  Not only science fiction and fantasy which I had been part of for the better part of forty years, but intrigue/espionage.  Particularly the kind that involves secret agents and forms of whodunit espionage.

     Heh, who would’ve thought, huh? 


     Okay, I’m off for the time being.  More to think about, more to have fun with.  Until the next time.

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