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Entry 12/28/2009 09:08:14 AM – Mentat 547


     Well, I think that I found the culprit to my system lock ups and it would appear that somehow the Mobile Device Center, and Windows Media Player don’t seem to want to behave nicely when the phone is being synced up with Outlook.  Because the instant that I pull off my mobile phone from the workhorse, and put everything back the way it is before the lockup — everything behaves all nice and peachy.  I think that perhaps what’s going on is that because my phone has a memory card, WiMP is looking at it as though it’s some sort of MP3 player and is trying to decide whether it wants to ask me to use it as a media storage device.  And here I thought that I had shut off that option in WiMP so that it would stop with that.  I might have to do a bit more research on it and see if I can completely shut that down. 


     So it’s my weekend, and I’m sitting here watching through the Third Season of Alias as I’m getting ready to start watching the Fourth Season, and I’m feeling pretty damned disgusted with last week and the amount of complete morons and mouth breathers that I’ve been dealing with at work.  No, I’m not talking about my co-workers — the issues that I’ve experienced with a couple of choice individuals from night shift has been sort of wrapped up, and according to rumors are coming to a complete close.  Who I’m talking about are people that don’t deserve to use, let alone own laptops and can’t figure out how to do basic troubleshooting before calling for help for more advanced help.  I’m talking about people that are ignorant, sometimes belligerent, and overall lazy tourists to the City of Sin that think that by picking up the phone and calling someone, that someone will be able to fix their connectivity problem with the wave of their hand and a "thank you for calling".  And if they have to do any work whatsoever, they often believe that through their lethargy, their uncooperativeness, their intentional ignorance, and yes occasionally their own harsh words that someone will come to their room immediately and get their computer online.

     Of course, not all of the problems are the hotel in question.  Sometimes it’s the guest’s laptop. 

  • Forget the part that through thousands of miles of travel and jostling, sometimes the hardware will stop working.
  • Forget the inherent part of people’s ignorance and completely knacker-up their own operating system through spyware and lack of knowledge in what they’re doing.
  • Forget that some of these people are using aging hardware that are no longer compatible with newer hardware.
  • Hell, forget that out of the hundreds of WiFi hotspots that they’ve been connecting to through their travels, that the Winsock catalog can become corrupted (Yes, this is one of the leading reasons why one will get connected to an SSID/WAP and suddenly see "limited/no connectivity). 

     But do the guests want to hear that?  Of course not — these ignorant mouth-breathers think that technology will solve all problems and that "oh no, there’s nothing wrong with it.  If it powers up, of course it’s fine". 


     Here’s the thing…  So after sitting there chatting with a co-worker about the changes that have occurred since October, I’ve come to realize that the calls have increased more than 300% and that 2/3rd of these calls that I’ve been getting have been from these sort of people that are nothing more than over-glorified residential type calls.  The very sort of calls that I don’t have the patience to deal with from my years of working at Bellsouth.net. 

     I’m sure that there are reasons for this.  I’m sure that with this merging, someone higher up is seeing this as some sort of cost-cutting and cost-saving move by this merging that helps to better distribute the amount of work that’s being duplicated in two locations by making them work as one.  But this isn’t what I signed up for.  Not to dealing with idiotic and ignorant people that don’t have a clue about their own equipment and how to take a little time to troubleshoot their issues. 


      I’ve been sitting here the last couple of hours thinking about this, and I have two choices here.  Start the search either internally or externally or I’m going to need to start taking some sort of anti-depressant/mood elevator in order to keep my temper in check.  Frankly I’m not liking the latter at all.  While I’m sure it’ll help my mood and temperament I’m not thrilled about the long-term effects of this idea.  So it might look as though I might be looking more into the former.

     During my year-end interview, I had been asked whether I had any interest in working in a SOC, and while at the time I had said no — after dealing with the fools and ignoramuses last week I might actually change my mind on this and try to find a SOC that I’d like to work at.  Don’t think I’m going to want the SOC in West Warwick as it’s too far from me here, but I’ll take into consideration one of the other SOCs that is better located.  Maybe I should consider asking for one south of the Mason-Dixie Line for warmer climes and better weather. 


     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  More things to think about and try to calm down from.  Until the next time.

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