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Entry 03/26/2010 12:36:30 AM – Mentat 563


     Here I am sitting at home, and after a couple of hours of relaxing and exhilarating game play through the soon to becoming familiar post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3, I’m finding that my eye’s still twitching from the aggravation that I’ve been going through at work.  It’s not so much the issue with customers that I’m familiar with — it’s that I’m rapidly growing tired of dealing with people that have just enough of a mentality to whinge and complain about things thinking that in complaining that things will be fixed auto-magically.  *sighs*  I’m feeling my blood pressure rising even when it shouldn’t be, and I’m finding it more and more difficult to control my anger at their apparent lack of intelligence. 

     This isn’t what I signed up for when I came online with this company almost 2 years ago, and sitting here looking through my journal entries for the time — I see that I did comment during the interview that I said outright that as long as it’s sort of like internal support, I’d have no problem with working there.  (Well, I did, but that was for other reasons).  This section of handling the City of Sin is feeling more and more like residential/end-user customers that I only have enough patience to handle as a hobby — not as a full-time and paid job. 

     This is what I call out-of-scope based on what I had verbally agreed upon when I started here two years ago, and not the sort of thing that I want to be handling for much longer.  

     People say that change is necessary sometimes, and that one needs to buckle down and simply deal with change the best of their ability.  I call bullshit with this, as I did warn flat out nearly two years ago, I don’t handle stupidity or the ignorance of what I call the "residential" customer, and it’s only a matter of time before someone says the wrong thing to me, I snap back at them with as much vitriol as I can possibly muster and then rage-quit walking the 8 miles home to calm the hell down. 

     So with this in mind, I’ve once again begun the search for another job, as I’ll be go to hell with putting up with another person saying to me when I ask what operating system are you using, and they respond with such mind-boggling ignorance saying, "it’s a Dell!" or  I’m using Internet Explorer."  Really…  There are a couple of places in Providence that are back to hiring and I see several of them offer significantly higher pay, which as of yesterday put in for.  I mean sure, it’s nice not to have to ride the bus for more than an hour — and being only 8 or so miles away from work is certainly one of the best perks — but when the negatives of dealing with completely and intentionally ignorant people outweigh this as a good thing — then it’s once again time to move on. 


     Other than being completely fed up with work, and tired of dealing with the cavalcade of stupidity and ignorance from 2 until 4:30 AM — it’s been the usual quiet on this side of the world.  I just uploaded something like 17 renders from a 5 day rendering spree to the usual places, of which some I’ve been entirely happy with and others that I look at in afterthought and ask, "god, was I in that bad a mood that night or what?"  There were hints here in the Biggest Little that things were beginning to warm up and that spring was definitely in the air — what with weather getting into the near 70s during the day while I was sleeping — now it’s back what feels like 40s, and…  holy hell in a hand-basket wouldn’t you believe that I’ve got my weather program open and it’s predicting rain and snow for today.

     Rain and snow?!  Again.  Christ on a drunken rampage…  I really need to look into moving to some infinitely warmer clime.  Maybe I should move back to somewhere nearer to the equator or something. 


     Still happily playing Fallout 3  This is one of those games where there’s routinely something new to see that you didn’t see the last time you played through.  One thing that I got yesterday while I was playing was finding some Wastelander that had a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide that I had worked on with quirky and Prozac-tainted Moira Brown that thanked me for the excellent tips that I had assisted in helping write that Guide.  Still haven’t come across the random event for the Firelance falling out of the sky over near/in DC; although during the game that I had seriously screwed up by being greedy in (and knackering up all the quests), I believe that I saw it happening across the Potomac when I was over by Wilhelm’s Wharf (or maybe it was when I was looking over toward the Washington Monument from the Citadel, I don’t rightly remember).  Still though — I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — this game most assuredly appeals to the Superman Complex I have and I can play it ultra-good to the hilt. 

     Heh, although there are times shortly after a quick-save that I find myself blowing the head off of someone that whines as me just so…  Like one of Dr. Li’s assistants that acts like a complete knob..  Quick save..  Hello there, Mr. Dickhead.  Allow me to show off the effective firepower of one of my favorite toys, the scoped Gauss Rifle (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Gauss_Rifle_%28Fallout_3%29).  Point it at his head.  Watch his head come off with a resounding thump and a wonderful ripple effect.  Listen to the scientists behind me, screaming for cover.  Reload, and there he is, smug as all get out of town with positively no karma loss. 

     I know, I’m supposed to be playing like a complete dickhead — but not yet.  It’s too much fun for me to being goody-goody.  Although truth be told, I let loose with the experimental MIRV in Megaton from the vantage point well above the whole town (above Lucas Simms’ shack) and watched with savagely maniacal glee as bodies and assorted body parts flew the air from the concussion of 24 mini-nukes dropped into the center of town. 

     I’ve taken a break from the other one though (Dragon Age: Origins).  Frankly listening to sidekicks whinging is too much like dealing with "customers" from 2 – 4:30 and I don’t find that in the least bit entertaining.  Maybe this might change in a couple of months.  Right now though, I find it detracting and un-entertaining. 


     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Off like a bad prom dress to have lunch and get back to playing games.  Until the next time.

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