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Entry 03/31/2010 01:09:41 AM – Mentat 564

      And now I’m getting ready to build an Ark (like Noah) up here given that while I was unconscious with my face mashed into a pillow, I wake up, head to the basement to check for something that I needed and ended up walking into about a ½" of water at the bottom of the stairs.  Yes — the first time in 4 years since I’ve been in the Biggest Little — it would appear that the back end of the house has been flooded out because of the excessive rain.  I should’ve known something was up, given that my cat was sticking to me like wet on rain — which is always a sure sign she’s aware of things that I wasn’t aware of.  Not that it matters to her — she’s sufficiently above ground level to have to worry about being wet. 

     So I notify my aunt and uncle that the basement’s flooded on my way to the shower, and coming out, prior to rushing out the door to go to work, I do a little work of getting important hardware (and some paperwork in cardboard boxes) off the floor, my uncle looks at me and asks "how?"

     I blink a moment and seeing the way the water is forming, I point to the most likely cause (that I had seen the last time we had slight flooding two years ago. 

     He kept asking me how, which I’m thinking to myself, ‘uh, you’ve lived in this house 25 years now, I would think you’d have a good idea on where the potential seepage points are?’ 

     Seriously, how am I supposed to know?  I’ve only been here 4 years, the least of which I need to mention that I had only been up 5 minutes prior to this, and really didn’t have my head in the right place to be thinking it through.  I swear, my family is incredibly lazy when they realize there’s someone’s smarter than them and expect them to handle everything. 

     So now what I have in the basement has been successfully moved to higher ground, including the SAN that I had there so that it doesn’t suffer the same fate as a certain server at Brown University had suffered when it was found in the basement of the engineering campus and was discovered to still be plugged in and running in 6" of water.  Unfortunately for it — that server did suffer water damage to some of its circuits preventing it from running the RAID properly (in spite of the fact that it could power up and get to the Operating System without problem.  Fortunately for mine — while it’ll be offline, at least it won’t short out in the process.   

     Still though…  Ugh…


     TGIF you’d think, but seriously I don’t think I’m going to have all that much off-time over this weekend given that when I get home from work, chances are, I’ll be helping uncle inspect and dry-vac up whatever water there is seeping into the basement and ensuring that their documents, clothes and the butt-load of other knick-knacks and things collected and thrown into the basement survive the impending floods.  Ugh!!!!  Looking outside, while it’s stopped raining for a number of hours now — there’s this pervasive misting going on out there which I’m sure is just the calm before more rain. 

     Heh — sitting here I’m reminded of the time when I was living over there on Lavista Rd and the Hot Water Heater in the supply closet had busted and flooded the kitchen and bedroom areas through the night while I had been sleeping.  Even got into the bedroom closet causing some damage to the clothes and trunks that had been laying about on the floor.  Took something like ½ the day to get someone out to the apartment to replace the water heater, and another 4 or so hours for someone to get out there to vacuum up the water on the floor.  Unlike then though — it’ll be me doing all the work. 

     Did I say "ugh" enough yet? 


     Other than that — once again it’s time for me to do a little necessity shopping for the homestead.  Thinking about the flooding in the basement, and the couple of times that I had lost power in the neighborhood, I think it’s high time for me to work on getting another UPS for the computer.  I had a lower wattage UPS which I had moved to the SAN because that unit doesn’t use up all that much power…  But given that the workhorse has a 800+ watt power supply, I realized that it was running on a power conditioning power strip, I think it was high time that I put the main workhorse on a UPS particularly given that I’m back to working on Apo 7 and in humungous sizes and resolutions. 


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     Home at the moment and things in the basement apparently took a turn for the worst.  It looks like there’s something like 4" of water uniformly throughout the entire basement, with various boxes — cardboard and plastic — waterlogged or floating (respectively).  Among the damage that I was able to find is some of the clothes that were put into cardboard boxes, files and bank records for at least 2 years.  A box of obsolete software I haven’t used in forever and a day, my journals for 1993 – 1996 (as I said in my status on Facebook).  While the SAN is well above the waterline — there’s some electrical and electronic equipment that below the waterline, so I don’t think they’re going to make it…

     Uncle’s out at the moment dredging up access to a sump pump to try to get the water out of the basement.  Not sure when that’s going to be done — but I know the longer that it’s sitting there at the level that it’s sitting there — the worse the damage is going to be with those things that are currently sitting in the icy water. 



     Well, there’s not too much else for me to do at the moment.  Off to work on a couple of things while waiting to see what the outcome of the basement’s going to be and then off to bed…  Until the next time. 

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