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Entry 04/18/2010 01:15:07 AM – Mentat 566


     My weekend flew by entirely too fast, and my mood hasn’t exactly been charming the last 7 hours I’ve been up.  But then again, this is hardly surprising given my feelings at the moment.  Seems that I have a bit of ground to cover since the last entry; of which I’m going to have a go of it; so bear with me.


     The basement’s entirely dried out, rugs that were left in the front rooms shampooed and steam cleaned, with patching being done in the back/washroom.  My uncle’s had a bug up his ass about getting the entire basement rearranged for reasons that only make sense to him.  Sure, I can see two ideas being valid enough to work on:  getting the storage boxes and what not elevated off the floor in case of another flooding happening, and perhaps getting another sump/bilge pump installed in the back end of the house.  But, trying to get the whole of the basement re-arranged seems to only make sense to him and he thinks it’s a smart maneuver.  I think it’s just shade and that he’s using this as a means of getting things collected because of my aunt’s inherent pack-rat habits. 

     So last week my uncle comes barging into my apartment to try to get me to help him with moving things and cleaning things up, of which on Friday I had been suffering from a hell of a cluster-headache (thanks largely to the sudden rain storm that we had the night before and into the morning.  I asked him kindly and with a plead to wait until the next morning. 

     What I get is a deaf man yelling at me about it being his house and when he wants something done, it’ll get done now. 

     Not the sort of noise I want to be listening to as I’m seeing stars when I turn my head to look at something; not to mention that I was about to jump into bed in about ½ hour from the time he came barging in. 

     Intervention time… 

     Got my aunt involved in this explaining the situation (as I didn’t have to go into too much detail as she was suffering from a migraine from the weather change as well).  Also did a little extortion and blackmail with her reminding her that I in fact paid more in rent than their other tenants (who happens to be my cousins on my biological father’s side of the family, but my aunt (on my mother’s side) forgets that).  Not to mention the significant discount they get on Cable service they have coming into the house. 

     The intervention works.  He did what he needed to do without help from me, all the while (and some time afterward) complaining of how much of a baby I was…  

     This is coming out of a man that groans and acts like he’s dying because he can’t move when his knee is stiff…  But I’ll remember that the next time he asks me to move something and he’s complaining of the pain that he’s suffering from.  And remind him of how much of a baby he is about it as well. 

     So since then, I’ve been forced to lock the door of my apartment, which is something I haven’t done in the 10 or so years I’ve had my own apartment (and no, I didn’t lock my apartment in Atlanta, but you didn’t officially hear that from me).  At least now he has to knock and wait ’til I come to the door, and not come barging in like he had been doing the last couple of years; not to mention has been rather nice about it as well.  Guess my aunt sunk it into his head about not acting like a spoiled brat about not getting his way. 


     Since then, he’s been working on getting a couple of the holes in the washroom (by patching them with more cement), and has been doing a bit of wood working in getting a sort of raised area on the floor for the storage boxes.  Hopefully he won’t try to do the whole floor that way as it’s going to be difficult if another flood comes through in getting the wood replaced.  Not to mention that the entire area is low ceiling and that anyone as tall or taller than me will be hunched over, or banging their head on the floor boards and support beams. 

     Oh and speaking of…  I still have my old bank records to have to go through and shred (once they dry out a little bit more).  Seems that they’re in my uncle’s way for what he’s doing in the washroom, but at least he’s moved them out of the way, with nary a sound about it.  Probably because I help him and my aunt shred their old papers the other day as well. 


     Took a break from Oblivion  In fact, I deleted my saved games and will probably have a go at it sometime in the near future.  As I had mentioned to an acquaintance here — I didn’t quite expect to be reading as much as I apparently need to (for the immersion factor) in this game.  Seriously, I like game play where either the quests are talked out to you, or you can puzzle through them based on actions going on within the game.  And immersion should be granted by actually playing the game…  But with Oblivion — as this is the fourth game — it seems there’s entirely too much back-story that’s from previous games and established already that this feels like a sort of moving novel than anything else. 

     It’s pretty apparent that Bethesda Softworks got it right with Fallout 3 as I was able to find myself not only completely immersed, but didn’t really have to cut through pages and pages of reading in order to get into the story.  If anything, I rather loved (and was spoiled with) Fallout 3 and being able to seamlessly get into the story and the problems/situation without having to read much of anything other than the dialog from the characters.

     In a way BioWare even got this down well in Dragon Age: Origins as I’m able to get through completing the main quests without reading much for either the main quests or many of the side quests.  Sure, there’s a Codex/Tome of sorts that I could read through when I have time (and believe it do not, I did a little reading the other early morning as I wanted to see which creature I missed in my Bestiary Codex), but I’m still playing along without having to read that section at all.  Heh, consequently, the thing that sort of irked me the other day was seeing an Achievement unlock for Bully; of which my response to that is:  http://www.illwillpress.com/ACH22YT.html *grins*. 

     Still though, I have my problems with Dragon Age: Origin — of which I still can’t stand the fighting system.  If anything, I still find that I have entirely too much micromanagement going on with my other characters to the point where I’m not doing anything with them other than hope they die when I cast all of the elemental area of effect spells on me.  I didn’t go with a Blood Mage (instead going with Arcane Warrior) and just letting the enemies come at me in the middle of Fire, Ice and Lightening storms (and all the while not relying on mana potions either).  My opinion on the game has been raised a bit since playing Oblivion, but it’s still pretty low given the amount of micromanagement going on.  

     Still though at least it’s been entertaining enough to pass the time, even if I find myself flying through the fighting system completely oblivious to the supporting characters. 


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     So I’m sitting here nursing a hell of a cluster headache. And all sorts of aches and pains that I really don’t want to be having at the moment.  4 pills later and waiting to take my next 2 in order to see if I can’t alleviate the remainder of my pain that I’m currently been going through.  And to think for the first couple of years that I’ve been back here I was migraine free.  Guess I’m going to need to look into this soon as this has been going on more than long enough and it’s definitely beginning to affect my mood in ways I don’t like it affecting it. 

     And other demoralizing and annoying things going on is work.  I think I’ve finally reached my limit on patience with it.  Since the merging (of east coast/west coast call centers) back in October, this isn’t the job that I had come on nights for.  Sure there had been quite a bit of rocky road when it comes to dealing with immaturity and the kids on night shift, but since this immaturity is long since over, all that’s left is a job that I don’t like, recognize or want to do anymore.  I’m finding myself dealing not with large, medium and So-Ho sort of businesses, but instead I find myself dealing with a majority of calls from what feels like Residential/End-User.  Precisely the sort of people that I don’t like dealing with at all as it seems that end-user are nearly ignorant of computers and troubleshooting, or worse — forget etiquette and protocol which should be used at all times when dealing with business-type support.  I’m finding that a majority of the calls that I deal with are generally the sort of people that are spoiled, expect everything to , and have just enough intelligence to complain about something instead of handling the problem in a professional manner. 

     From what I’ve been seeing of the position for the last couple of months — I’m not the only one feeling this either. The demoralized feeling and the bleed of people leaving the job has significantly increased in the last couple of months.  For example, during the merger we had been promised to have a supervisor on at night to handle the sort of escalations that we almost always pushed off to the next day.  Within a month or so that manager left for days to work in Sales.  There have been a couple of team leaders at night on the west coast, but the impression that I get is that those team leads nod toward the east coast (my part of the department) whenever there’s a problem. 

     Communication between east and west divisions is Spartan at best when it comes to second and especially third shifts — particularly when you consider that last Tuesday night there were only two people on — one for east coast, the other for west.  We’re already undermanned on East Coast as the person that’s supposed to be filling in on my shift doesn’t start until May, and on west coast one person called out sick and then went out on vacation.  Here I was with one other person trying to handle call volume from the City of Sin thanks largely to NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) that had an attendance of about 85,000 or so on the strip. 

     Seriously, I could lay out a hell of a laundry list of the things that have been happening…  From the exodus of people to other positions inside and outside of the company (this is a hell of an increase of 7 over the course of 16 months, to 12 (or so) over the course of the last 7).     To the demoralizing experience both call centers are experiencing with the work that they are responsible for.   And everything in between.  And to make matter worse, I get the impression management might actually see this as a really bad idea but being stubborn and trying to see the "big picture" on this — will stick by this with the usual mantras associated to "growing pains" and "new challenges" and will ride this through thinking that after this shakedown things will normalize. 

     And for some strangely odd reason though, I’m feeling the same déjà vu feelings that I had prior to my exodus from the Crotch of the Bible Belt when I was working at Practice|Works when it had merged with Kodak Imaging (and becoming Kodak Dental Imaging).  The bleed out from their support was so fast and painful that no one was left there that had a complete understanding of the position.  It took about a  year (and 11 months after I had cleared out), and there was no one left in the position that I remembered.

     I can feel that this is also the sign of things to come as I’m probably going to be part of the exodus soon enough.  A lot sooner given my patience with these end users that have as much sense as god gave fungus. 


     *sighs* I think this is going to be it for the time being.  I have more to write, but I’m too bloody knackered at the moment to delve into it.  I’ll write more tomorrow.  Until then or the next time.

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