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Entry 05/13/2010 12:06:38 AM – Mentat 569


     Well, as it turns out we’re back into the routine cold snap up here in the Tundras of New England, what with the temperatures currently in the 40s (4 C).  Jeez, prior to the rains that we had gotten at the beginning of the work week the weather around here was comfortably warm on the way into work, and just a shade chilly on the way home.  Now?  Right now I’m sitting here in the house with thermals on and getting impatient with the chill I still have in my bones even after coffee.  Ugh, I would like it to be spring right about now…  But it’s not going to be for another couple of weeks by the looks of it. 

     Talking with someone at work the other day about this, and he reminded me that for the last four years, we’ve been having this sort of cold snap.  And to think as I’ve been sitting here reminiscing — that in Atlanta right about now, it’s in the 70s – 80s (21 – 26 C) with it being warm, sunny, and everything being covered by a fine layer of yellow-green pollen from the pine trees and dogwoods.  Oh don’t get me wrong, we’ve been getting out fair share of pollen up here — as I’ve been sort of reacting to Maple trees, but it’s by no means what I’m used to trying to choke down when outside.  Probably because the temperatures are back to arctic cold instead of simply cool. 

     I was looking at the weather reports for the coming week and it looks as though I’m going to be looking forward to warmer again tomorrow.  Then again, it would appear that’s because of more threatening rains through my weekend and week.  Ugh.  Enough with this rain already. 


     So it’s been a bit since the last time I sat down and written.  And the amount of drama that had been going on here since the flooding and post clean up had reached an epic drama-meltdown with my uncle throwing all sorts of hissy fits and ultimatum scream fests about it.  Got to the point where he’s like wanting to throw me out of the apartment and out of the house because I wasn’t doing what he expected me to mind-read out of his head.  Frankly, I had gotten terribly sick of his storming into the apartment and ordering me around, and when I didn’t jump when he said jump, he’s start yelling at me reminding me constantly that it was his house, that I started rebelling every chance that I had gotten. 

     Of course, the cherry on the Sundae with him was two annoying quirks that would send me into silence.  The first was the way that he would do things so…  half-assed.  Now, my family always taught me that if you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.  )(Which is probably why I do more of the latter and less of the former).  The other was the one that really used to work my nerves.  I’d be watching my uncle struggling with something and I’d offer to help him with the heavier things to be moved (contrary to my aunt and uncle’s belief, I am far stronger than I look), and when he’d shoo me away and then have it fall on him, he’s be pissed at me because I didn’t help him. 

     No really, I’m not a mind reader.  If I offer and you say no, I don’t translate that "no" into "helping anyway"…  And you’d think that in his upper 60s/early 70s he’d get it through his thick skull to sit back and dictate, but no.  So, I got tired of him venting his anger and would simply stand there and watch him waiting for something to fall on him and break his hip; that way it would knock him out of commission and allow my aunt and I to clean up the place without him throwing anything and everything out like some mad (and schizophrenic) maid. 

      Yeah, he was quite selfish about his cleaning.  Seems he ended up throwing out the cords for my electric blanket (not that I haven’t used them since moving north).  Threw my one-on-one reports from work, binder and 3-hole punch into my aunt’s house records.  And he’s thrown various parts for my bicycle away because he couldn’t readily identify them, and when he can’t identify he thinks it’s junk. 



     Oh and speaking of…  Coming home from work Monday with the temperatures dropping to the upper 30s (near 0 C), wasn’t as windy as the day before, but chilly enough to give my muscles the sort of sore I don’t like dealing with for my 8 miles ride home.  Got over to Grange Road and just as I’m hitting the smaller hill, decided to push myself to get up the thing without dropping to a lower gear.

     The next thing I know, I hear a snap, and my right foot as it’s going down keeps going down fast toward the ground and my bike is listing to the side because of it.  Yeah…  The axel snapped at the pedal and I found myself skidding on the ground for about 6 feet.  My right elbow was killing me, but checking it was simply banged from my hitting the ground.  My shoulder started hurting later on (and my hip a day after that).  The worst that I suffered was asphalt burn on my knee which took off several layers of skin. 

     The surprise and shock hit shortly after I began sorting myself out of the bike that I was still on, although it was all horizontal on the ground with me.  A man from the neighborhood had been Samaritan enough to stop ask if I was alright, and ensure that no one would come barreling around the corner while I was sorting myself out and picking up the broken pedal. 

     I smiled and chuckled and thanked him for his concern and for his stopping the way that he had, and said to him I had taken worse spills in my time.  He gave me a good luck and headed off to work while I walked off some more of the pain before calling my aunt and asking for an assist for the remaining 6 miles that I would be walking instead of riding. 

     Unfortunately for me, it looks like the pedal/axel assembly on this bike is one of those one piece jobs that’s really not easy to fix, and further I don’t think it can be interchangeable with the other bike that I had broken and is sitting in the shed for spare parts.  But looking at it, I might be able to swap out the back tire on the new bike for the old one, along with the chain (that’s now near completely rusted on the old one, thanks largely to my uncle leaving it out to the elements for the summer) for the time being and re-consider whether I should invest in a better bike than the one’s that I’ve been using the last couple of years. 

     I’m supposed to try working on this — but at the moment — it’s too frelling cold to be working on the bike in the garage.  I’ll try to wait until the morning when it’s supposed to start warming up.  Hopefully it will when the sun starts coming up as I hate having to work on smaller machinery parts when my hands are cramping up because of the chill. 


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     Wandered off to watch my queue of shows and movies that I’ve had sitting here, then ran errands, and then completely forgot that I was supposed to come back to this entry to write a bit more.  Heh, so like me given that by the time that I was settling down for sleeping, the weather outside had warmed up sufficiently and I was able to open up a couple of windows to let the warmer air into the house.  Of course, the last couple of days I’ve slept like 10 – 11 hours (what I’m making up for, I haven’t a clue).  So anyway, where was I….?


     So I’ve noticed that there’s been an overwhelming theme about angels and demons going on in my imagination both consciously and unconsciously as I’ve picked up the two parts of Fallen, Legion, and have been getting sort of into the anime called X which has heavy elements of Armageddon involving the forces of good and evil.  Not sure what the cause of it is; I mean sure I’ve been sort of playing Oblivion and Dragon Age: Origins and while the elements are clearly fighting off the demonic hoards — the labels used for them are so alien to my vocabulary I don’t even equate them to angelic/demonic forces.  As long as it doesn’t affect my dream states (and I can remember them), I guess this is just the usual craving for Greek Absolutes…  (And no my dreams haven’t been affected.  I’m still dreaming of aliens invading earth, post war holocausts and other weirder events). 

     I’ve been watching the news carefully and it would seem that my bailing from Facebook was most opportune.  Seems that Zuckerberg and his programming cronies’ new "Like" is causing quite the stir from the EFF, to the EU Union.  And I even see a small-time "open source" operation is considering opening up a similar site with all the privacies intact that had been slowly whittled away over the years over at FB.  The site looks as though they’ve got a money drive for the initial capital, which I wish them luck, but given what I’m seeing, I’m not sure I’m going to hand over the $5 or so for contributing to their cause.  You can check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/12/nyregion/12about.html?partner=rss&emc=rss


     As for the rest of me? 


     Seriously, I’m getting tired of the various LGBT sites that I use to see various footprints and other checkouts from other gay men in my age-neighborhood and seeing nothing but dick pics.  Really…  if the best feature someone has is their penis or their ass, then what’s that say about their face?  Their personality?  Nothing good let me tell you.  And those that actually have face pics apparently are younger than I’ve been out of the closet…  Thanks, but no.  I’m still not into that whole "daddy/son energy".  I surrogate enough children in chat, the last thing I want is a relationship with some 20-something that thinks that I’ll take care of him because his parents have thrown him out the house for him to "grow up" and mature. 

     On the whole I’m doing pretty well, in spite of the sugar spikes and drops thanks to the amount of exercise I’ve been doing.  Was pretty bad the last day of work, as around 2:30 or so AM (and just before break), I was on a call with someone that I swear I couldn’t think or speak coherently.  Listening to myself in retrospect, I realized that I sounded like a stroke victim between slurring my words and making nonsensical phrases.  Fortunately the person didn’t speak English so well, so that worked in my favor, but for the rest of my night I had suffered a mixture of anger issues, and complete comprehension stupidity.  Sure, I got the necessary sugars into me and eventually I had leveled out properly — but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t like the old days in between dosings.  Still though, I’m going to be paying closer attention and ensure that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. 

     Well that’s about it for the time being.  Time to go watch a couple of movies.  Until the next time.

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