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Entry 05/30/2010 08:05:00 PM – Mentat 571


I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain. – Bene Gesserit Litany against Fear


     It’s been a strange thing the last day or so.  The muse I had hoped to be hit upside the head by that would allow me to write something — anything — that didn’t sound like a hormonal whine didn’t actually come to visit as I had hope.  Instead what came to visit is the one that’s parental-like and feeling the absolute need to lecture, sermonize, pontificate or even simply give sagely advice wherever necessary.  It’s either the old man is kicking in on me this morning as I’m waking up and watching the kids online, or something more intrinsic about feeling needed for what I know instead of whether I can fulfill some hormonal need for those looking for a quickie here and there within the community. 

     So I’m sitting here waiting for my coffee to chill, listening to the bizarre medley of everything but the kitchen sink playing, and thinking a little of the events in the last couple of days and wondering both where common sense has taken a trip to, and why is it that some people seem to want to repeat the mistakes that we all should have learned from someone else… 


     First things first though… 


     Day before yesterday (or so, I can’t remember at the moment, I seem to be suffering from my sometimes issue of not knowing what day it is because of my sleep patterns), I stopped by briefly to help my aunt with a computer problem and saw she was looking at an e-mail and a blank webpage.  She starts commenting that she had written Red Lobster (http://www.redlobster.com) to find the nearest restaurant to Rhode Island.  Turns out the nearest are actually in Connecticut, one about an hour and a half to almost two hours from here. 

     I balked at her saying this to me, she was justifying the drive to Connecticut to check it out and explained to her that as a New Englander, we have quite the choice of seafood restaurants and that this franchise/chain pales in comparison.  I shook my head, when she switched subjects to her homepage changing again, saying in passing that another of the games that she had installed had changed it, and she need to figure out how to change it back on her own. 

     While I didn’t say it, I thought to myself as I went back to my apartment that the New Englander inside me died just a little bit more this day, because I couldn’t imagine for the life of me, the appeal that some Rhode Islanders have with pale substitute franchises when they have so much better choices locally.  It’s like the time I was in alt.rhode-island and listening to some of the people there regretting that the Spaghetti Warehouse that was originally located in Warwick had closed for lack of business. 



     Anyone in and from Rhode Island knows they can get authentic Northern and Southern Italian food from fine (and oftentimes really cheap) restaurants on Federal Hill (http://www.providencefederalhill.com/) But no!!!  Seems that somewhere after 50, people either forget this, or look for something more…  bland, generic and cookie cutter. Then again, when I used to go to Olive Garden in Atlanta (because there was no such thing as "authentic" Italian Restaurants in the crotch of the bible belt) most of the time it was the silver-haired crones and old folk looking for someone else to cook for them instead.  Although true southerners that were still left in Atlanta went to The Colonnade Restaurant (http://www.colonnadeatl.com/), along with the drag queens wanting a Sunday Brunch…  But that’s another story for another time…  *grinning*

     I swear though, if I ever reach that state where I end up going to something like the Wal*Mart of a cuisine restaurant (Chili’s, Red Lobster, etc.) instead of going somewhere that’s local and more authentic because it’s better, I give permission to anyone and everyone to remove me from existence. 

     With this all in mind, I swear sometimes I was switched at birth, or proof to some genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. 


     Then last night, I was watching one of the kids that I like trying to get a response out of talking about kids that had performed denial of service attacks, knocking him offline and taking over the room that he control of, and how harassed he had felt about it.  I offered a little humor and light-heartedness as well as being there the next time the bashers were to come by and cause trouble. 

     He of course, wanted nothing of it, telling me that they’re hackers and they can seriously screw up people’s computers.  And then told me to drop it as he didn’t want to hear about it again (as this is typical of him — he doesn’t like anything that draws attention to himself in any way and does everything to cover it up before it draws more attention to him). 

     While I dropped it for the most part, I tried my best to explain to them the difference between a bully and a hacker — mainly on what a hacker was and wasn’t… 


     …Hackers don’t boast of their abilities.  While some can in fact be bullies, most of them are anti-social about showing them off, instead performing either the denial of service attack, or the exploit without drawing attention to themselves because they don’t want wannabes or moochers constantly niggling at them for the code for an exploit, or an attack.  They are in essence the modern-day Ninjas that slip in, do their damage, and leave — without drawing attention to their true selves for fear of the repercussions.  Experience has also shown them to be the wizards and technomages of fantasy and fiction; subtle and quick to temper and inflicting damage without an overt display from themselves in the process. 

     Bullies on the other hand — do in fact boast — often excessively of the tools and talents they get hold of.  Not that they really have anything really other than a tool or trinket and exploit it until it’s completely useless.  While not being exceedingly talented in the ways of a Hacker, they are in fact quite talented in the ways of harassing others into fearing them.  However, as I had once learned so long ago: 


     The Bully:  essentially a coward who’s only skill is convincing others to do his what he’s afraid to do himself…  who shows a complete lack of technique, no follow through.  Essentially all muscle and little brain.


     If you show no fear, if you don’t back down, if you simply ignore the bully when he’s making the attacks, then you have in essence and fact, taken away the very strength that they had been deriving from your harassment and fear:  the illusion of strength they obtain when attacking someone they deem as weaker. 

     Someday, I believe this person whom I spoke with last night about this "hacker" might learn from this.  Hopefully sooner rather than later as I believe that inside him comes the strength that he refuses to acknowledge within himself. 


     Well, that’s about it for the time being.  I’ve listened enough to this muse and have other things that I’d like to do.  Until the next time. 

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