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Entry 06/10/2010 09:37:27 PM – Mentat 573


     Mother nature seems to be giving me mixed messages this year for my birthday.  I asked for cooler weather after the brief spike in near 80 degree temperatures for the Tundras of New England…  Happily she said "sure, no problem" in that voice much akin to a Long Island Soccer Mom.  However, in her own rather passive-aggressive way, Mother Nature’s also ensured that it’s been raining for the last couple of days with forecasts through the weekend of being dreary and raining.  Of course, this means that tomorrow when I was hoping to trolling the Metro-Providence area, I’ll be looking forward to (most probably) the same thing that had happened to me last year (Mentat 514) and riding home in the pouring rain.  No thanks.  Amusing as that was last year given I felt pretty damned good about the 17 mile ride home, I really am in no mood to be gritty and soaked to the bone because of some random debate as to who can use the front bike rack on the bus…  We’ll see what the weather’s going to be like when I wake up tomorrow and determine whether or not I’m going to make the trek or not.  If not — good thing there’s a packy up the street where I can probably buy a fifth of bourbon if I remember to get there before the blasted thing closes.  We’ll see what we’ll see on that… 

     So it’s currently raining outside…  A bit of thunder when Mother Nature feels like reminding me she’s having cramps and gas, and my cat’s happily passed out on the couch after gorging herself, while I’m sitting here getting my morning coffee…  And I’m almost properly chilled.  55 F (12.7 C) according to the weather reports outside…  69 F (20.5 C) in the house.  Heh, I’m rather surprised the cat isn’t trying to climb under the covers given the temperature and the fact that she’s getting old and definitely doesn’t like not having an undercoat like other cats have.  Give her time though, I’m sure things will change soon enough when the temperatures drop further outside.

     I’m still finding my thoughts to being extremely scattered, and I’m still finding it rather difficult to focus on much of anything other than perhaps getting through the various quests in my games, or watching whatever’s left to watch in my new subscriptions queue.  Which there aren’t any more shows left in the queue thanks largely to it being summer and Hollywood’s out for their summer vacation.  Can’t seems to read or write either, given that some of the books that I have in my collection just don’t have the necessary oomph to keep me reading, and I can’t seem to duct tape my muse to a seat or keyboard long enough to want to write some of the thoughts that I’ve been having after some of the demented dreams that I go through.  Hell, even trying to get me to sit and write a journal entry has been a chore and a half; what with this entry being about the twentieth attempt at my trying to get past paragraph two.  I’m still not sure what the problem is with that.  I mean I do have some things to chat about and more things to think about — it’s just…  There are parts that I find to be a tedious chore to talk about.  Parts that I’m not sure whether I should be talking about, and of course parts that I think I’m just being an excessive whiner about.  And I do feel as though I’ve been whining quite a bit in my journal as of late. 

     Well, let’s see if I can get through a journal entry without feeling as though the whiner inside me is trying to claw its way out. And perhaps be better about it all. 


     As I had sort of hinted from the last journal entry — it seems that the new guy that took my hours for nightshift had put in his two week notice the day after Memorial Day.  Seems he’s a software programmer and was able to get a job more within his field of expertise.  Unfortunately what he did as well as did a no call/no show completely burning bridges on the way out the door.  This once again leaves night shift in more than a bit of a bind, particularly given that I had scheduled my PTO for this month to occur when there’s at least three people on shift (leaving it down to two while I’m off).  Now it’s back to being 1 person on Fridays and Tuesdays with Saturday also being a bit of a lurch).  Also, news has it we have two people from second shift moving to first, and two more coming on.  There was another person that had started a couple of weeks ago – but I haven’t seen him at all since I got back from my first weekend.  One person said that he was in the national guard and that he had been deployed for his annual bivouac.  Although the other day I also thought that I heard that he no longer works there either…  *shrugging*  Either or, I’ll find out in a week or two if he makes his way back. 

     Still though — there’s bleed going on.  A hell of a lot of bleed still.  And seriously I’m not seeing and ending for it any time soon.  I’m sure it’s going to be interesting though the outcome — one way or another.  Particularly given that I have things to consider about the job as well. 


     The home front’s quieted down more than a little bit since the last time I had written.  What with the quirk highs a week or so ago, followed by the cooler front has kept my family’s drama down to a dull roar.  Good thing too given last week or so, on my way into work — the kids up the street had in a bored moment – built a wooden beaver dam across the road which in my rush rode through a part of it and ended up gashing my right shin in the process. 

     My aunt get’s a look at it and says to me, "you should put something on that before it gets infected."

     I had already, and told her so. 

     "You should put more on it.  Don’t need it to get gangrene and they need to cut your leg off."

     *sighs* And people wonder why I’m a fourth generation hypochondriac. 


     As for me…  god the dreams are getting really wild.  Post War Nuclear Holocaust has taken on a whole new level of weird.  It’s like the background settings are somewhere between craterific and "back to normal".  There’s strong elements of my being superhuman in some, and in others simply going along for the ride.  I seem to be more enthralled with the elements and the environment rather than the story that’s being told — particularly given that some of these dreams seem to be a sort of repeat to the annoyances that I’m going through at work (with some of the calls that I go through).  Because of that, I sometimes find myself waking up extremely angry and annoyed than feeling as though I’ve vented a problem for my own good.  On the whole, I really shouldn’t be surprised about this, given that I’m continuing to fight with my inherent displeasure of dealing with people just smart enough to complain. 

     Other than that — it’s been the usual trudge through the evening to the morning for me. 


     I’ll write again tomorrow.  Not sure what approach I’m going to want to take…  Until the next time.

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