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Entry 07/31/2010 04:56:35 AM – Mentat 577


     Hard to believe that it’s been practically a month since the last time I’ve sat down and written a journal entry.  There’s so many reasons why I haven’t had any want to write as well…  Outright Laziness, diversions in game playing, my cat being a complete bitch because of the heat, writer’s block as my Tweets have said a couple of times, anger and frustration on the work-front, lack of creativity, lack of want, self-inspective questioning, and of course the want for instantaneous gratification one can only get through interactions — virtual or otherwise.  But now that it’s near the butt-crack of dawn and the current temperature outside is a chilly 57 F (13.8 C) and I’m sitting here feeling more than a little bit chilled to the bone while listening to music, and my rather late routine of iced coffee down my throat, I have a little want to go through some of the thoughts that I’ve been having.  Bear in mind though — my thoughts are probably going to be all over the place — after all when I don’t write for long periods of time, I tend to fall over myself with all the thoughts that I’ve been having. 


     Well, I finally got around to dealing with the minor annoyance of my gears slipping on my bike.  Turns out to be what I expected in that the gear wire to the derailleur was loose as all get out of town.  But that didn’t explain the issue that I had with the lowest gear.  That turned out to be cheap manufacture and that a section of the gear sprocket had broken off.  Yay…  *finger twirl*  Can’t use that gear anymore other than perhaps to happily speed myself up as I truck along downhill slaloms (to and from work).  Strange that it broke, and I wonder if it was from the time that I had been struggling to get to work that time earlier in the summer where the bus was running extremely late, and I had to truck it all the way to work (instead of the routine 4 mile jaunt in my morning).

     The family commented on the bike being bought spring of this year and breaking so soon.  I looked oddly at her and reminded her the bike was less than $150; and that should be expected all things considered.  If I wanted quality I would be investing in buying something from Randall Scott Company (http://www.rscycle.com/) and not something off of a shelf at one of the superstores here.  Of course, this segued into the routine debate as to why I don’t buy myself scooter or something motorized, of which ended the same way as it always does: things with engines = licensing with the state = road taxes = I’ll be go to hell if I’m paying taxes for shitty roads that still haven’t been fixed with what revenue this state steals from its citizens. 


     Cricket’s going to be going to the vet’s soon.  Looks like she’s got something wrong with her, and she’s being über-finicky about eating.  She won’t touch her food at all — dry or wet — and of course her appetite’s diminished even trying to get scraps from the likes of me.  At first I thought that it was because hairball blockage (as she usually gets that around this time of year because of the amount of shedding she does and how it sticks in her system…  But that’s cleared out and she hasn’t had problems since the hairball remedy.  She’s gone through diminished eating in the past as it has to do with the fact that she doesn’t do all that well with hot/humid temperatures.  Heh, she’s more used to being in an air-conditioned environment than I am.  And to add to the problems, the other day when I gave her the hairball medicines, she attacked me so badly, she bit through flesh and practically to the bone in my finger and completely freaked the hell out on me. 

     Bled like a stuck pig from my left index finger for the better part of a couple of hours at work and was in pain for the last three days as my body was fighting off the routine infections.  Ugh, and the other thing I hate about my system is that I’m ill for 48 (or so) hours afterward, as my body goes all out to heal… 

     So I’ll probably give a call over to the vet my aunt brings her pets to, and have them take a check of her to see what the problem is.  I’ll call ’em in the morning when they open and ask when they have time to see her… 


      Game playing?  Yep, I’ve been doing that.  Like a frelling addict.   Still playing through Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2.  Great game.  Love the story line and the fact that playing two times through this, I’m still finding things that I hadn’t seen the first time I’m playing through.  Not to mention one of the best selling points that I’ve had with the games so far is how the consequences in the first game carry over into the second.  Makes me wonder what consequences are going to carry over into the third game when it’s released for the world to play.  One of these days I’ll get around to writing the review of the game(s) given that there are a couple of issues I’ve had with the game that are worth talking about in a campy sort of manner. 

     In other news with computers and software, I see that not only did the laptop (MSI GT660) I had my eye on for the last couple of months has finally been released as well as Blizzard North releasing Starcraft II.  Not too sure I’m going to be buying that laptop now given that the final resolution on the monitor is just plain wrong.  No seriously it’s a 16" monitor and only gets a 1366×768 max resolution?!  It really doesn’t make any sense to me, given it has a powerhouse of a graphics card (nVidia gx285m which allows for a max of 2560×1600 resolution).  For $100 less, the GX740 uses an ATI Radeon Card, an inch more screen space and running at 1680×1050 resolution…  This doesn’t make sense to me, and with that in mind, I’ll sacrifice the GHz of the i7 Core if I can get better screen resolution for $100 less.  *shaking head*  Nope, no sense at all. 

     As for Starcraft II  The jury’s out on it.  I know it’s going to be an entertaining game and all, but damn — it’s Blizzard North — which means it’s going to be a lot of mouse clicking.  And here I was getting rather used to using two hands for everything and not just mouse point and click-click-click-click-click-click-click.  *grinning*  We’ll see how I feel at the end of this run with Mass Effect 2 and playing as an Adept. 


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     Let’s see…  what’s next in the list of issues that I’ve been having.   Dating!  And the lack thereof. 

     Checked out another site that was mentioned to me by an acquaintance…  Certainly much better than the ones that I’ve been on the last couple of years; hell I haven’t actually come across a headless horsemen or dick pic since I’ve been there.  Although the matches that they throw at me really are so off-putting.  One of the bigger problems I know is with me and my approach to religion and spirituality.  I personally don’t care whether someone is Christian, Protestant, Agnostic, Buddhist, whatever.  What I do have problems with is people of strong conviction that put it out there like wearing a scarlet letter on their chest.  Off-putting to say the least.  Particularly when one realizes that I say time and time again in my Q&A, "I really don’t care, but keep it to yourself."

     Honestly, I’m finding myself either extremely finicky or picky when it comes to the matches and the people that I’ve seen so far.  There should be a certain oomph when it comes to attraction, and to be honest, while I have occasionally felt a twinge now and again when I see their picture — but the instant that I read their profile I am nearly completely put off with what I’m reading…  Church-goer.  God-fearing…  want to see me shudder at the sight of those words?  I do.  And the white lies and outright lies people put on their profile in order to make themselves appealing. 

     An acquaintance of mine online who I had talked about this sort of thing with said to me (something along the lines of), "…well, I guess they’re just not man enough for you."  But honestly, I don’t feel that it’s a right assessment — even if it were a well intentioned one.  I just think it’s because I just don’t see the spark at all in anyone.  That Je n’ai ce que necessary for me to say, "hi1  My name is, and I’d like to get to know you a whole lot more. 

     But at least I’m trying a bit more than I have been the last couple of months.  Even if a majority of them are still ending up in the "rejected" pile.  No…  Let me take that back, all of them to date.  Though hope springs eternal as the saying goes. 


     And the last section I’m not ready to talk about just yet..  Work.  There will be a whole section on that though, that’s rest assured.  Well, I think I’m going to call it a day for the time being.  Off to work on something else and then head to bed. 

     Until the next time.

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