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Entry 08/27/2010 03:39:19 AM – Mentat 580


     Awful cool here in the dead of the night here in the Biggest Little — nice for a change even though I feel it’s a couple of weeks to soon from the normal change in the trade winds that cut through the Northeast for the Labor Day Weekend.  It’s also finally stopped all the raining and sprinkling that it’s been doing here the last week or so.  Not that I minded that either given that it’s been pretty bone dry up here for most of the summer and rain is definitely needed.  Heh, my aunt made a comment about it the other day and wondering whether we were going to have a repeat of the floods that we had here March/April.   I told her it’s entirely unlikely given that the ground isn’t frozen like it usually is about that time of year and that the ground will more than adequately soak up whatever moisture that these light rains and sprinkles are going to throw in its direction.  Of course, I didn’t really check the weather reports to see how much rain we’ve had, though knowing what little I’ve seen of it when I was awake and looking out the window — it’s probably nothing more than 5" (12 cm) or so anyway.  Not to mention that on the way out this morning for the various sundries that I needed to pick up, the good ol’ Blackstone River didn’t even look remotely swelling in its banks anyway. 

     Ugh…  So I’m nauseous right now from a rather noxious combination of things that I had for lunch…  Leftover baked chicken (that I had accidentally over-warmed in the microwave), some of my aunt’s rather well known macaronis salad, and some Doritos.  Heh, I think it’s the Doritos that are doing me in at the moment; giving me more gas than I want to be handling at the moment.  Took a small nap before sitting back up and thinking that my stomach had finally calmed down from the gastrointestinal pains that I was going through (thanks largely to the Gas-X that I had taken), however the more I sit up, the more it annoys me.  Ugh.  Remind me not to do that sort of thing again. 

     So quite a few things since the last journal entry to talk about and there’s probably going to be a good chance I’m going to be all over the place with it.  Not surprising given how I get torqued up about it, and how I’m still trying to get out of the pissy attitudes that I’ve had since I’ve left Cox a couple of weeks ago.  Bear with me as I continue to get through it all. 


     Good news is that I was able to get some of the money that had been skimmed from my account back.  I received a letter from my bank telling me that they were giving me a discretionary credit for the first fraudulent charge (and Foreign Exchange fees associated).  Usually means that the bank was able to determine from the routing information that it didn’t occur on this side of the world, and all efforts to contacting the receiving bank has ended poorly or in non-response.  Now all I need to do is wait for Skype to sort those charges out.

     Speaking of — I contacted Skype about 10 days ago with the information that they had requested for further research and to date I haven’t received any information or response from them.  I had re-emailed them the request for status and if they are unable to provide the necessary information, I will simply let my bank handle the situation further with them. 

     Still though I’m more than happy that the first set of charges have already been credited within two weeks of filing the dispute, with the rest being nothing more than a haggling.  And to think the other day when I was talking to my friend in WeHo I had been threatening taking my money from their bank and going elsewhere to handle it.  Guess I didn’t have to perform that sort of blackmail to get this straightened out. 


     Cricket on the other hand is a bit on the rocky side.  I have been turning her wet food into a porridge for her to eat and for the most part she has neither puked any of it up nor has she suffered through and constipation issues.  She also takes a bit of food that I eat, though it’s by no means the same amount when she was doing better.  Still though it’s a couple of moments of my not struggling with her and syringes of wet cat food porridge, which I’ve gotten up to her eating 4 syringes of 6 CCs every 2 hours (about 4 teaspoons of food).  I would like to think that she’s stabilized a bit, but I think I’m being over-optimistic.  The vet hasn’t called me yet — but then again I don’t expect that call until later today or the very beginning of next week.  The vet that had originally seen my cat is out for vacation for the last couple of weeks, and the replacement vet in charge at the moment has her hands full with her load as well as my vet’s while she’s out. 

     *sighs* Be right back.  It’s time for me to feed her again. 

     Heh, at least this time she didn’t fight me by laying there and throwing a tantrum like she did yesterday after I had taken nap.  Man, nothing is more disgusting than having wet cat food fly about the room.  Yeah, that was a load of fun to clean up because of a piece of gristle stuck in the syringe and my cat pitched a fit about it. 


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     Back…  Was chatting with kids online about various geeky things and some of the issues that I want to write about here in my journal and decided on stopping into my account online to see if I  got my final week of pay.  Turns out not only did they pay that, but they also paid me for all the accrued PTO time that I had in one handy, lump sum.  I’ll say this much — while the department might have gone down the tubes in since the merging in October — at least I can say I have great things to say about the company.  Certainly higher praise than what Practice|Works did to me when P|W completely dicked me over for the two and a half weeks of PTO that I accrued.  Then again, that’s Georgia and not Rhode Island and anyone from the north knows — GA sides with the business.  RI tries to side for the employee (well, some of the times anyway). 

     Also had a bit of bourbon (as the last time I’ve had a spot to drink was my 45th birthday last year), and while I could type somewhat coherently in chat, couldn’t for the life of me face wanting to get up on a soapbox about the issues that have been annoying me the last couple of weeks.  Now that I’m sober, and the coffee’s brewing.  I have no problems with it.  And I’m also going to do it as another section on it’s own.  I really don’t need it getting confused with my personal information and what’s been going on in my life.


     So with that in mind.  Until the next time.


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     Oh and update!!  A little premature, but definitely something I’m really happy to see at the moment.  My cat seems to be eating and drinking on her own again.  She got whiff of the can of food I was about to turn to porridge and syringe feed her with some of it and hobbled over to the desk, looking up at me expectedly.  Put the bowl down and she started eating it as was.  Went over to her bowl of water and drank from it.  It’s baby steps I know, but it’s definitely an improvement.  Put the bowl back to where she normally would eat her food and has been making trips on her own to it. 

     Oh, I’m so relieved at the moment.  Anyway — back to the rant.

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