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Entry 11/11/2010 04:43:00 PM – Mentat 588


With the passing of Daylight Savings Time last Sunday, I’m reminded all too keenly that with the coming winter, sunset’s definitely much earlier than I would personally like. Looking out the window at near 5 PM as I’m writing this journal entry, I can see what little sunlight out there is rapidly extinguishing and darkness will have completely fallen within the next ½ hour. Ugh! This has been reinforced by the freak little snowfall that we had received early Monday morning, when waking up to the light patter of rain outside my bedroom window; and looking outside see white had covered the lawns in the neighborhood and collected a bit on and around the cars in the driveways. Fortunately for the lot of us here in the Biggest Little, it hasn’t been quite as cold as it could be and the asphalt around here hadn’t reached near freezing temperatures for the snow to collect on it. Good thing too… Given the way people around here completely forget how to drive in snow, I’m sure it would have been a charlie foxtrot with people swerving about like drunk drivers or fishtailing like they almost always do whenever there’s more than an inch (2.5 cm) on the road. Fortunately too, the rain had continued to fall and with the temperatures going up to near 50 F (10 C) the snow was completely gone from even the most stubbornly cold lawns by the time the sun was setting late Monday afternoon (or else I’m sure I’d be hearing from neighbors and family of the potential for it freezing and creating black ice that can cause cars to suddenly swerve off non-existent cliffs through the pure force of godly will).

Yeah, can you tell I’m not looking forward to winter weather here and the wild, cock-eyed attitudes New Englanders have about the weather here in the Tundras? Hopefully I’ll be able to get through this winter season without snow up to my tits, or hearing people here continuing the misconstrued notions of “global warming” or “impending ice age” depending on who you speak to and when. Sure, the rest of the world may have gotten the memo of scientists and environmentalists admitting to padding the facts in order to make people more aware of the damage being done, but here in good ol’ New England — we’re a little slow about reading those memos and believing what’s been said or admitted. Maybe in a couple of years the rest of the area will be up to date with the world… Until then though, I’ll just keep my head down, grab my earbuds and tune them out when they start with, “The weather wasn’t like this when I was a kid…”

So many other things on my mind at the moment, as I’m sitting here thinking about this entry and changing out soundtracks as one has finished and wanting a bit more background music as I work on this entry. Mainly little niggling things that I feel like getting off my chest before moving on to the bigger issue that I want to cover. If it feels like it’s all over the place — well, it shouldn’t be surprising given that these are small issues on the whole.

First up is the reason for my mood. Since about Halloween, I had been chatting with someone from the area that came across my picture and thought me someone they had seen at a Halloween party that I hadn’t attended. Not liking the thought that I had been confused with someone else, simply straightened the person out and wished them good luck in finding whoever it was they had me confused with. He wanted to chat a bit and I found out he was an out-of-work medical records clerk which we had some similar interests. Out-of-work isn’t so much of a problem with me, given that I’ve had years of experience putting away any and all money for that moment when I would be between contracts and wanting a little time to decompress from a job before taking up a new one. Knowing what New Englanders can be like about money and only preparing for a week to a month out of work, I left it in his hands to make up his mind as to where he wanted to go with it — face to face, continuing to write back and forth, chatting by phone, online… Whatever according to his finances and his wants.

Nothing… Nearly a week of nothing but silence. Quite the change from the interchange that had been going on daily since Halloween. Apparently I said something in my last e-mail that tattooed to my forehead some leper mark that turned me from “good looking guy” to complete “freak of nature from the netherworlds”. You’d think that some common courtesy would be extended and through politeness the man would simply say, ‘thanks but no thanks.’ But no… I’m left with a rude ending and wondering what it was that I had said that caused him to screw off the way that he had.

I think at 10-days if I don’t hear anything from him I’m going to write him and call him out for being a rude twat. I can see why New Englanders get all ugly when people get rude to them — it reminds them of how selfish and self-centered they are themselves — and they don’t like it. But I’ll be go to hell if I’m going to put up with another New England queer demonstrating such rude behavior. I don’t put up with the kids when they pull that shit with me in chat, why should I allow adults who should in fact know better to act like ignorant and naïve 20-somethings?

Which leads me to the next subject… dAmn chat. I’ve seriously had it with the never ending emo drama in there. It’s the same old shit that I’ve been seeing back from the days where PCs were more like dumb-terminals connected to a server, and were only available in businesses willing to spend the money to housing those monstrosities. Where this sort of drama was going on in bars, at parties and at other social events where people congregated outside of their bedrooms and houses and in the world at large.

We have a man in there from the Midwest that introduced us to his girlfriend who lives some miles away from him, and yet seems to spend inordinate amounts of time flirting and hitting on any girl that will give him the time of day — be they bisexual, to a couple of lesbians — like it’s some sort of prowess game, or surrogate to the fact that he’s not getting any while his girlfriend’s in college. Some of the girls have been retaliating on him causing him quite a bit of stress in the hopes that he simply stop his obsession with their breasts and go about their lives like they used to.

Then there was another one of questionable age (I couldn’t be sure whether he was a minor or someone in his twenties), who was clearly a tickle-fetishist that came in role-playing various acts of tickling with people — usually girls between the age of 14 – 20. While I had let it go for the most part, I kept a watchful eye on the frequency that he had done it. It was when a couple of the girls that I was speaking with thought his obsession extremely creepy and made them uncomfortable — I called him out on it last night as he was getting very serious with another girl that showed some interest in more than just the platonic. He of course had a hell of a drama meltdown because apparently this fetish of his was positively obsessive and instead of being polite about it and urging him to move it to a private conversation, treated him like pariah for the creepy and extremely conniving way he handled his obsession. Supposedly he’s going to clear out of the chat never to be seen again, although honestly I have the egg-timer going on how long that lasts. Though his “oh boo-hoo, no one likes me and everyone treats me like shit” really paraded on my nerves to the point where I was fighting impulses to simply kick him, because he had said he was going for almost ½ hour before he did actually finally leave the channel.

Of course in the middle of all this, we have the routine cavalcade of regular players, using other people pictures and saying they’re someone they’re not, all the while calling themselves “ugly” and then immediately posting three or more pictures from their gallery whoring for any and all compliments that the could get for how “pretty” they are. I swear, watching that the last couple of weeks, I get the impression that it’s the same two or three people all of which know one of the Moderators-in-Training and calls her out to chat with her so routinely that the instant it happens, they’re literally setting themselves up for eventual ban. Really? If you don’t talk with her — you won’t set yourself up for intense scrutiny which does eventually lead to another of your fake personas getting banned.

And finally the cherry on the topping is the way the moderators and moderators-in-training sit around for long hours in some sort of /away status performing absolutely no other function than to take up space. Really? Sitting there doing nothing isn’t going to prevent bashers from coming into the room — particularly if they tag the place by feeling the waters and realizing that the moderators aren’t involving in the ongoing conversations at all. And there’s one particular moderator that comes in and puts themselves immediate into an /away status, then when interacting with people in the room, pollutes the ongoing chat with their script routinely reminding anyone that uses the moderator’s name with their away message. So what’s the point of coming into a room as a moderator if you’re not actually going to moderate? It comes off nothing more than a power trip and a badge of prestige instead of what it actually is — responsibility.

I think I’m going to be taking a break from chat and from interacting with people online. Truth be told, between my happy addiction there, the rather hurtful thing that happened from a friend of mine this afternoon, and the creative slump that I have going (and has been going for the better part of a couple of years now), I really truly should take a hell of a lot more me time and stay away keeping my own company for the remainder of the year. Perhaps I need to structure my life a little more. Like when I should be online, and when I shouldn’t be. Like when I should try writing, and when I should take a break…

Anyway, that’s it for the time being… I feel like a hippy which means I need a haircut in the morning. Off to play a little, and then an early bed. Until the next time.

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