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Entry 01/22/2011 03:17:09 PM – Mentat 596


As it turns out, my run of luck against illness has finally run out and as I’m sitting here with covers up to my waist and doubled up with a T-shirt, Thermal undershirt and a heavy sweatshirt, I’m sitting here going through the alternate chills and feeling as though I’m about to start sweating from the weird-assed fever that I seem to be running. That and my throat being pretty scratchy at the moment (even after the expectorant that I just downed), I have all the makings of tonsillitis going on right now. Can’t say that it’s shabby really given that in the last two and a half months, my aunt’s had two different sort of viral flus and seems to currently be through another head cold. Not to mention that my uncle’s had the same flu and looks like he’s working through his second at the moment as well. I knew it was only a matter of time before whatever mutation was going on was going to strike me given I’ve had to be in the house troubleshooting a NIC issue with their PC (more on that and the drama of it in a couple). At least I know my tonsils are still working properly… even if this time through they decided on acting up from all the germs and viruses flying about my aunt & uncle’s house. This of course means I’m going to be a bear for about a week while I go through all sorts of the usual fun that I go through when I’m sick.

Heh and before the lot of you snark me like Glenn did — no it’s not man flu. I generally do pretty well when I’m sick, the only rough spot during this is that for a couple of days I’m going to completely lose my voice because of it. Fun that is because that’s the height of it when I’m sounding like a squeaky mouse more than a man. After that though, I’m pretty mobile and self-sufficient as long as I don’t start running a high fever. But all that is still about 2 – 3 days away. *knocking on wood*

So in the last month — most of my computer woes have sorted themselves out. PC boots up without issue for weeks at a time, and then has a singular moment when during boot-up decides on wetting the bed and giving me a BSOD. Couldn’t find any solutions for it through the usual search sources; so I’ve allowed Windows to send the reports along to the Solution Center and see if it comes up with anything. Looking through the View Reliability History, since installing the new video card, it’s been 1 every 3 or so weeks and I’ve noticed it might be something to do with the PATA/SATA combo controller that I have on my Motherboard and how quick the PATA drives come up from a cold boot. Seems that when the PATA initialization takes 5 seconds is when I experience the BSOD which corrects itself and runs fine for the next three weeks. And yet, when the PATA initialization takes 30 seconds (as it usually does), it runs fine.

We’ll see what the solutions center reports back on the issue, but seriously I’m not too concerned about it. Once it’s back to the Windows Login Screen, it doesn’t give me a problem at all. I suspect more and more it might actually have something to do with the BIOS needing to be flashed and updated. Something I’m not too keen on doing given my experience with bricking Motherboards after a ROM-BIOS upgrade.

My aunt on the other hand has seemed to have developed problems with her Vista Desktop. Seems that when her computer comes back from hibernation, her network card doesn’t come fully back on as she’s been getting a Limited/No Connectivity Warning sign in her Network setup. First off, it looked like the wire she had been using between her computer and the first router was all twisted up with all sorts of other wiring (which might be suffering from insulation problems) not to mention a bit of fraying around one of the connectors. So I replaced the wire with the spare that I used to use between my old Dell and second router (the wireless). The issue seemed to have corrected itself for a bit, but then returned after a quick re-plug on the CAT-5. A couple of hours later, it happened again and I checked the power settings, disabling the hibernation/sleep settings as either her or my uncle tend to play games on it through the day. Suspected that it might simply be a common problem she used to experience with her COMPAQ (which was running XP Home at the time), and the NIC wasn’t coming back online like it should; but a quick reboot seems to fix the problem

I came across a solution of uninstalling the NIC drivers and then allowing Vista to reinstall them to see if that will fix the problem (as it’s not a problem with the Cable Modem or router, as I swapped out her plug in the router for the second router (which is where my computer goes through), and it’s running fine and without any sort of interruptions. Not to mention my uncle’s Sorenson has been operating just fine and my aunt was able to confirm that my uncle has been receiving calls when he has without interruption, issue or problem.

Heh, and just for giggles I decided on running a ping test while writing this section of today’s journal from my computer and it reported just fine as you can see:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 200, Received = 200, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 19ms, Maximum = 41ms, Average = 21ms

So when I get a bit better and my throat doesn’t quite feel like it’s on fire, I’ll stop by my aunt’s and try to uninstall and reinstall the NIC drivers to see if that’ll fix the problem. Right now though, she’s mostly satisfied with the solution of rebooting her computer if she hasn’t been using it for a long period of time. More on that when I get a chance to test this out.

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Heh, oops.

What started as a fairly easy enough journal entry got diverted and side-tracked a couple of times. First I was giving Glenn a tutorial on the ins and outs of Apophysis — particularly in marble making — which he’s done a few that are most impressive for a beginner. Then I got myself involved in a bit of the drama that’s been going on in one of the usual places that needs to be curbed in some manner, though I’m not in any position to do so at the present time. Then I got sidetracked with finally checking out a profile that I should have (now I need to write a note back after reading what I read). Yeah, just the usual things that I do when I’m distracting myself from thinking a bit on this and that. Though at least at the moment as things are quiet this morning (including the cough that’s definitely becoming more than a nuisance), so perhaps I’ll get this entry done finally.

Things at the homestead have been relatively quiet all things considered. In spite of a couple of rather smallish snowstorms that dumped a couple of inches of snow, and a storm that included some freezing rain and sleet — it’s definitely looking like winter here in the Tundras of New England. On the mad dash out of the house this morning for cough medicine and cough drops, my aunt made a comment to me that this is the coldest winter she’s seen ever. Of which I’m all too keenly reminded that her memory is entirely too subjective for the likes of me.

I reminded her of that there was the time when Boston Bay (and Cape Cod Bay) had been frozen over back in the 70s (though for the life of me I can’t seem to find the article online though do remember it was the Boston Globe that had reported it). I reminded her of the time in the early 80s when it was so cold in the Biggest Little that Narragansett Bay had frozen over as well. I reminded her of the late 80s when temperatures had been reported at -15 F (-26 C) with wind chills at -45 to -50 F (-42 to 45.5 C)

She muttered to me that it’s the coldest that she remembered, of which I left it at that and changed the subject.

Seriously, it’s pretty damned cold at the moment. Looking at the thermometer in the car when we got in to make the emergency drive to CVS and getting comfortable once again, I see that the weather reports set the temperature currently at 0 F (-17.7 C) with wind chills at -16 F (-26.6 C). Yeah, that’s pretty damned cold, as it seems the Hellbeast is currently sitting at my feet and once again I can feel her purring up against them.

At least for the moment we’re not expecting anything more than another snow squall tomorrow. After that it’s sunny and cold, cold, cold!

Well that’s about it for the time being. Off to work on a couple of discussions, e-mails and notes. And of course clear out the collection of deviations that have been collecting in my Deviant Art inbox. Until the next time.

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