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Entry 02/03/2011 12:21:22 PM – Mentat 597


Ho boy, the fun that I’ve had going here at the homestead the last couple of days have been just too much…

Yes, we received more snow. And while news like CNN and Reuters report record snowfall for the Midwest and Northeast, I have to say that it really wasn’t too bad here at the homestead; at least when it was snow. Seems we received about 4″ (10.1 cm) at the beginning of the week, it wasn’t until the next day that things took a turn to the annoying. Sure, we received about 1″ (2.5 cm) more; it wasn’t until mid/late morning that it had turned to rain taking what we had shoveled off the top of the ice and turned it to slush making for a deadly mix of snow and ice on top of ice.

To add insult to injury, sometime by mid-afternoon when the rain stopped and what melt had gone on both because of the rain, as well as my uncle leaving the gutter heaters on for far longer than he should have, an icicle formed both on the electrical wire and above it; that when the ice snapped off and came crashing down disconnected the power wire from the side of the house to the pole. Calling over to the emergency line of National Grid we were promised a bucket truck in about 4 hours (which turned into another day given that we weren’t the only ones without power in the area), leaving the house to rely on kerosene space heaters for heat and candles for lighting until they were able to successfully reattach the wire from the pole to the house (and ensuring that it wouldn’t snap off like it did if we got more ice).

Heh, not that my cat minded all that much. She had plenty of lap time, while I sat on the couch in the front room reading The Complete Plato and completely blissful about it. If anything she’s been more than content spending time with me, in her bed, or looking out the windows a bit while the snow and rain fell; even if a majority of her time was spent sleeping.

So with the house back to normal, properly heated and the faint smell of kerosene gone from the house, I spent a majority of my morning trying to chop the blocks of ice off the side stairs, side walkway, as well as the front stairs and back door in order to get out of the house without any of us slipping and cracking our heads on the pavement and ice. Sore? You betcha I’m sore. Though not quite as sore as I was at the end of last week when I started the effort to get the glacier that’s the side stairs chopped down and chopped out to the pavement. Still though, I’m rather crestfallen about this rather intimidating block of ice where the run off from the gutters routinely ends up forming on the walkway and driveway. Seems that the melt and freeze going on there is so settled in, it’s near impossible to get off the pavement short of using boiling water/oil and possible a blowtorch (although in my self-amused mind, I was standing there hacking at the ice and imagining the use of a flamer or heavy incinerator to get down to the pavement). Pity we don’t have a blowtorch here to try with. My uncle’s a hobbyist carpenter/wood-worker and not a metal worker; so that’s one tool we don’t have around the house.

Anyway, this is going to be a short journal entry.

It’s February and with it being a short month, I’ve decided like I did last year to go off adventuring for the remainder of the month. Be it in game (Modern Warfare 2 has been hooked in my craw for some months since I’ve bought it, and it’s time I give it my 100% attention instead of dickering around like I have), or book (Plato is about 1,300+ pages, and I have the 2,100+ pages of Aristotle‘s works in the queue as well), or even wandering about the white, wintry and icy world here in the tundras of New England. Taxes are filed, returns have been received and I can take the opportunity to travel. Where I haven’t a clue, not that I care really… Anywhere but here would be grand.

That and it’s the month of Valentine’s Day. A time of year I still loathe.

Until the next time — which should be next month.

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