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Entry 02/14/2011 08:42:48 AM – Mentat 599


My aunt convinced my uncle to buy her a new phone, partially because she was feeling as though her old Razr was getting long in the tooth, partially because it was Valentine’s Day, but mostly because my aunt’s a compulsive shopper like the rest of us in the family and was wanting to cut her teeth on a Smartphone because she wanted to have something just a little bit better than the Blackjack that I’ve owned for the last couple of years. So off she went with my uncle to some retail store to buy herself an LG Quantum. This of course means that I’m going to have to grab the phone first for a bit to learn the layout of the land before I sit with her to show her the ins and outs of her phone.

Frankly I’m at a loss (for words) with this phone. Since Windows 7 Mobile interface had been launched, I had been a combination of curious and cautious about upgrading my phone. Sales for phones touting this OS have been lackluster, and I can see why. Getting beyond the initial flash of the animations when choosing menu options, Windows 7 Mobile really just as plain brown wrapper as Windows Mobile 6.1. It does what it’s asked to do, with interface options pretty unchanged between the two. Having it on a touch-screen instead of a mouse-wheel doesn’t make it any easier to navigate. If anything, it can occasionally be that much more difficult given the sensitivity (and sometimes lack thereof) can misinterpret requests. This is especially evident when even with the experience I have with touch-screens (PCs, my iPod Touch and the occasional iPhones that I’ve shown people tricks with), I found the LG Quantum’s to be especially less intuitive. Reaction time with it is partially to significantly slow when it comes to selections on the menu interface. Performing a slide gesture (left/right, up/down) can be done with a click and if one clicks where there’s an arrow, it will automatically slide. Further, it seems a bit arbitrary where one needs to press and slide something to get to other parts of the interface within the OS. Not good when one is used to pressing and sliding anywhere on a screen and iOS understands the request.

Am I going to upgrade to Windows 7 Mobile Phone in the near future? Probably not. I could use about 75% of the features on the Quantum (as opposed to the 25% my aunt would be using it for), but it’s really just a bit more flash without any more substance than what I currently experience with my Blackjack. While it was nice to be working on a larger QWERTY keyboard (as 90% of my phone usage is text and web based), getting to the FN and Shift key on that model was a bother. They’re little dots for keys, as opposed to the same-sized keys on my phone. Further the FN key (used to get to get to the extended characters and numbers) was so close to the slide anchor it was a pain to try to access (and my fingers aren’t sausages either). On the plus side, it has an auto-correct feature like the iOS interface, but it’s even more annoying to work with than typing on an iPod Touch/iPhone. I also get the impression that the biggest sell for the Quantum is the ability for it to tote music along — as evident by the earbuds that came in the package. This is not a really big selling point for me as I have a 64 GB iPod Touch that’s currently carrying 9+ days of continuous-play music.

Looking through AT&T current collection of Windows OS phones for sale, a majority of them are LG types that are the same basic model with more (and less) features. The Samsung is a Windows 6.1, and the HTC is like an LG clone with a slide-keyboard and a tilt (Tilt2). And while the Blackberry OS is pretty much a lateral move when compared to Windows Mobile OS, I’m not too keen on what I’ve seen of the phone models from RIM. That and I might be a shade jaded when it comes to Blackberry’s as I used to have to tote something from RIM around when I used to be on-call on many of the jobs that I’ve held over the years. I don’t want to own something that reminds me of the calls at all hours of the day and night I used to get when something broke and I needed to investigate. I won’t go with an iPhone — and there’s nothing you can do to convince me to. My opinion on it is entirely personal (subjective) reaction and not the fact that I do think that out of the Mobile Operating Systems out there — Apple got it right. I just can’t stand the amount of snobbiness that comes from iPhone users that I wouldn’t want to give them reason to justify their hipster nonsense.

Lastly, the jury’s still out on an Android OS phone. I do believe that it might be a contender against Apple’s OS, I have not been too keen on the amount of bad news I’ve been seeing with it when it comes to security vs. malware. If anything, in all the news I’ve been reading about the holes and active malware being created for the Android OS, I get the distinct impression that the hotheads of the Open Source Community are in some way feeling betrayed that Google has acquired this OS and are going out of their way to inflict revenge for whatever perceived slight or betrayal they get when their precious Open Source OS being sold for and exploited for money by Google. Until such things calm down, I guess I’ll just keep chugging along with my phone for a bit longer before making any switches, upgrades or changes.

I’ll look again in the next six months.

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You know, I didn’t even realize it until I began sipping at my first cup of coffee and looking at the date what today was: Valentine’s Day.

“Ugh,” was the first reaction.

Muttering to myself incoherently was the second.

Once I got over my traditional knee-jerk responses and as I was enjoying the taste (and jolt) from my first cup of coffee, I had actually found myself rather ambivalent toward the day. This is certainly a change for the better in the last 6 years from the 4 years Rick and I had been together of Valentine’s Day with him turning each progressive day into a living hell… And the last one that had a sort of coup de grâce where he told me that he was moving out on the way to a local restaurant for a traditional sort of eating-out-on-the-holiday-lunch. Though I digress, as I’m not in the mood at the moment to revisit old wounds, and older grievances.

Other than this nonsense with it being Valentine’s Day (or in the case of those out of relationships S.A.D., it’s been really quiet. Quiet enough for me to get caught up on my queue of the shows that I’m subscribed to on Hulu (of which I’m seeing that at least 5 out of the 8 shows that I’m currently watching are going to be streamed 30 days after their air times). Even catching a couple of new anime series and shows that I don’t normally watch as well.

Well, I think I’ll be off for the time being… Go annoy sane people or something. Until the next time.

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