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Entry 03/06/2011 12:19:31 PM – Mentat 604


Hurray that we’re getting a bit of a heat wave here and warming things up enough that I can actually turn down the heat and open up a window for a little bit…

Boo that it’s also causing a new section of the basement to show a bit more flooding than I had expected at this time of year.

Unlike the last couple of years where I could clock precisely where the water would be coming into the basement and causing a bit of puddles to avoid while it dries out, this year they’re showing up in new places where in previous years no water ever showed up at all. While it was good that I was able to catch it before the flooding was able to take over a majority of the basement, at the same time I’m thankful for my intervening with my uncle as to where the raised pallets were to be placed in the front of the house. He had originally wanted to put it on the west/outer wall of the room where some of the spillage/flooding was going into with me wanting it on the east/inner wall. My reasoning was because the way the floor was poured in the basement would put the water towards the edges/foundation and it would make it easier to handle if we had another basement flood it would be easier for us to move things to “higher ground” while having the sump pump running. Had we left it the way he said, half the front part of the basement would have standing water halfway into the room before I would’ve seen it. As it is now, it’s only a tenth of the way into the finished areas of the basement and is pretty easy to contain with the use of a wet-vac.

Not that I’m patting myself on the back for forethought or anything. *smirking*

So last week I got a hair-brained/half-baked notion of merging my journals to one location (well technically two; the desktop and the laptop) for easier access. See, in the past because of computer calamities, hard drive crashes (and improper backups), and even natural disasters that have been inflicted on my paper journals, I had made it a habit of making “volumes” — yearly copies — that I would squirrel away onto CDs and DVDs to prevent the potential loss. Now that this system has been running well (of sorts) for a couple of years, and my laptop has been mostly flawless as well (in spite of the spill it took back in May 2010 when my bike axle broke as mentioned in Entry 569)… It seemed logical not to mention convenient given that now I can do a search on something and find it, instead of having to pull out the archive CDs/DVDs and then forcing OneNote to open them individually…

The fun and challenging part was moving the 2004 journal in as it was originally written in the journal portion of Outlook’s PST. I was able to convert it in about 2 hours and even then it was a strain on the eyes as a good portion of the 2004 year was in the Dungeon Truetype Font and rather small for the resolution my current monitor. Prior to that though? From 1995 – 2003 I was using a proprietary program called ActiveDiary, which hasn’t actually been supported by the programmer since 2002. While I’m fairly sure I would be able to move it, I’m not entirely sure the earlier program for it would be supported within Windows 7. Maybe sometime this month, I’ll give a go in loading it up in Windows XP VM and see if I can’t access it. Hopefully the password I’m remembering is still the same for it… if not… Well at least I have since 2004 readily accessible.

For grins and giggles, I decided to see what it would be like to print as a single PDF all my journal entries from 2004 to my last entry… Comes up to a modest 950+ pages. Glenn says I have too much to say…. Given it’s my life and the events therein, I think it isn’t enough really as looking at some entries from 2005 and 2006, I know I intentionally omitted some information/events going on in the day. 2004 though? Eerie experience looking at those entries. I barely remember half of the things I said during that year (which is also the year after Rick had moved out and I know I wasn’t exactly in my right frame of mind). Still, it’s interesting reading, and a majority of it (Entry 155 and on) can actually be found on my WordPress Account).

Cricket celebrated her 14th birthday Friday by being a complete Clingon. While she’s calmed down over the weekend, Friday I couldn’t have shaken her off with a sledgehammer or flamethrower. Heh, in fact she’s sitting on my lap right now as I’m taking a break from checking/vacuuming the water in the basement while I’m writing this journal entry and having a bit of crumbs from my Red Hot Blues Corn chips. Crazy cat…. She’s worse than a dog sometimes; anything that will end up in my mouth she’ll eat as well. Further, it doesn’t seem to stop at vegetables and grains like when she was younger. Spinach & Cheese Calzones, Spinach Pies, Pizza Crust, she’s even shown interest n Ramen Noodles and corn as well. At least the good thing is that she’s eating her food and mine for some months now, if only she could gain just a bit more weight back.

Oh, and out this week is an update for iTunes to that I was expecting to see since the announcement of the iPad 2. Fixed is the problem that I had reported in Entry 600, with iTunes restarting automatically because of the third party hook in MSN Live Messenger 2011. Didn’t even realize it was fixed until I made the mistake of setting how information about the song I’m listening to on so that I could prove to Glenn I was listening to something while he was.

Also out for updates within the last couple of weeks was Java to Version 6 Update 24. Admittedly I wasn’t in any rush to fix Java in spite of the fact that I did get my routine warnings on it, only because I don’t use Java half as much as I do Flash and Shockwave (as I tend to run NoScript along with AdBlock Plus and pretty tightly controlling what sites have access to Java, Flash and Shockwave).

So with these updates, I fired up the old laptop and was able to update and synch up everything. After all, with the weather warming up I plan on being out of the house more and when I’m out of the house more, I tend to do more mobile writing and file moving from my camera to the laptop for organizing for upload when I get back to the house.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. Off to fold my laundry and watch another episode of Athena: Goddess of War on Hulu. Until the next time.

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