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Entry 03/13/2011 01:30:18 PM – Mentat 605


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…” – Alphonse Karr


And because it’s a week prior to Spring and Daylight Savings Time Back in effect, what little sun that I was seeing at the buttcrack of dawn when my alarm goes off is going to be once again dark. Blah! I say. Sure, by the time June comes around and the sun will be up around 6’ish or so, but it would be better right now seeing it instead of getting the taste before it disappearing again. There’s something rather charming about sitting there by the window with the cat as the sun’s coming up and listening to my coffeemaker brewing away while I make faces at the cold that’s just outside the double-paned window. Now? Pfft! It’s going to be another hour or so before that happens again, and a couple of more months before I’ll be doing the same with the windows open… Or better, sitting out on the porch with the laptop instead. I really can’t wait actually.

It’s also rather hard to imagine that Spring’s only a week away. Though honestly being in the Tundras of New England that’s more just a marker on the calendar and not actually the advent to the change of seasons. Being as high as we are from the Equator, it usually means that we have several more weeks before we actually start seeing the signs of spring. If anything, we won’t be seeing any of the signs for spring until mid-April (optimistically) and right now… I’m seriously needing more than bitter and freezing cold, gray skies and dirty snow on the ground. Because right now, I’m at the end of the winter-blahs.

I can tell too… Inspiration is at an all-time low with me at the moment. I lack any sort of direction, have little want to being creative (even with the couple of ideas that I’ve been banging about my head the last week or so since I’ve been happily playing through Dragon Age: Origins), and generally just being a couch-potato about the house either watching various television shows in my Hulu queue, or chatting without any direction with friends and acquaintances online. Although truth be told there that with the acquaintances I’ve been finding my patience worn rather thing with some of the insipid games that I catch them doing. Another sure sign that I’m gripped by a bad case of the blahs as well. Hell, even the chores that I sometimes look forward to I find myself simply grinding through the same lack of gumption I have watching the various shows I usually like watching.

I know what I need too. It’s not a vacation somewhere warmer. It’s the need to have a bicycle under me as I’m pedaling like a madman up a hill and slaloming down the other side all the while listening to some trance tune that’s setting the tempo for my mad dash through the countryside. Of the thought of during the ride, stopping for a moment or two to picking up an iced coffee to put in a water-tight container that I can take the moments to enjoying when I get to the end of my run. Of being able to sit out in the summer sunrise (or sunset) and enjoy the feeling of a cooler breeze while the temperatures go down from hot and humid to only humid. And the impulsive sort of shopping expeditions that don’t require me to be conscious of the changes of cold to colder-than-a-witch’s-tit that happen during the winter.

*shrugs* It’ll be upon me soon enough. I just have to grin and bear it for the remainder of the time before it changes…

Barring the winter blahs that I’ve had going since the last journal entry and my “nose to the grindstone” approach when dealing with a combination of lethargy and anxiousness, things on the homestead were their usual wacky zaniness. Take for example the beginning of last week when we got some momentary surge in warmer weather thanks largely to the rains that we received. Sure, it was nice that it was warm enough for me to open my windows for about an hour before I realized just how chilly the breeze was, but the downside of that weather was that with all the snow and melt doing on and that run off wasn’t going into the streets as expected. In fact, we had a bit more flooding in the basement than I wanted to deal with. Further, with uncle out of commission because of the knee surgery replacement that he had two weeks prior, it was my duty and responsibility to monitor and vacuum up any standing water when it was found.

Thankfully because of my observations and intervention with my uncle and the flooding we went through last year, I was able to stave off the leaking that began reaching into the back areas of the finished parts of the basement. Had we originally put down the raised pallets on the floors the way that he had originally wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to catch the flooding until it had reached into ½ of the finished basement instead of the less than ¼ small patch that had actually occurred. Still, there have been times in the last couple of weeks as the melt and rain’s been hitting the area, I’ve felt like the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike. Fortunately for me looking outside most of the snow is gone from the front and side of the house, which means that barring the torrential rains like we received last year things in the basement should remain dry for the remainder of the year.

My aunt… Bless her heart… Came in with the mail on Wednesday and it being a Christian Holiday (Ash Wednesday), sparked the usual short-attitude from me when she asked if I would join her for mass (again as my uncle’s still convalescing from the surgery). Seriously it’s the same old dance with her on this, as though if through her continued asking, my attitude toward Catholic Church — and more importantly the dogma that it foists — is suddenly going to change overnight — and I’ll become the Catholic that I never truly was.

“Why don’t you come to church with me?” She’ll start.

“Because my days are a Catholic ended a long time ago,” I would respond. With her completely forgetting that I converted over to Buddhism decades ago and of which has been mentioned during every Christian Holiday she wants me to join them in celebrating in the course of the last 6… well, 7 years and brought up every time this dance starts.

“It’s not bad,” she offers.

“Look, I’m allergic to the dogma,” I get shorter the more she pushes her suggestion and waiting patiently for a different step to the dance with her bringing up my going to mass on the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.

“What’s that?” — Meaning dogma, which I’ve explained to her countless times.

I get a bit shorter, though I’m not in the least bit angry, “Look it up please and keep in mind no matter how many times you ask me, I’m not going and I’m not changing my mind.” Relieved that she didn’t take the occasional route through bringing up my grandmother.

And with that, she leaves without saying another word.

Shows that I have in my queue have finally picked back up what with those that are on public television coming back from their Spring Break, and Cable Shows coming to the end of the lag between broadcast dates and the agreement to show 30 days after airing (really? What’s the purpose of this other than to being greedy tits?) of which one show has finally come to the end of it’s showing… The Cape. My opinion on the show was low from the start and seeing its ending; am not only thankful that it was cancelled, but also surprised that I stuck it through to its last episode. Yeah, it was that god-awful…

Fraught with over-used clichés and needless angst, it felt like a broken record at times when the writers and the powers that be were trying to drive home with a sledgehammer how the protagonist — Nick Faraday (The Cape) — was wronged and how much of an obsession that he had going on with villain Peter Fleming (Chess). Really, even those that tuned in later in the episodes didn’t need it telegraphed to them with a jackhammer. To make matters worse, it missed the entire point of what superheroes are supposed to be: the ordinary Joe that through tragedy or accident, surpasses the ordinary citizen and becoming well, a superhero. Even the superheroes that rely on their wits and technology (and not super powers) — like Batman, Green Arrow, and more importantly Iron man — show a better than human approach to their crime-fighting techniques. The Cape? Pfft. They tried to add too much “realism” to hobble him as a superhero, making him look more human with a cape and a couple of mediocre tricks and less superhero.

Of course, it didn’t help matters any that Summer Glau was in the show… Her character came off as a combination of bored rich girl trying to make purpose in her life with snotty know-it-all. When they began telegraphing that Glau’s character — Orwell — was the daughter of Peter Fleming following almost out of the blue they begin to making her character MPD loony as her father. Of course it never helped matters that Glau (like Michelle Rodriguez) seems to have only one expression and for Glau that’s looking rather blank. All in all, I agree with NBC killing this show as much as I agreed last year or so when the Alphabet Network (ABC) did the same with Defying Gravity… or as I’m fond of calling it from others on Usenet; Defiling Gravity.

On the plus side, I stumbled across a piece of Korean Television on Hulu that shows a bit of promise: Athena: Goddess of War. A Spy-Action series that’s a spin-off from IRIS that Hulu also seems to have made it’s way there. And of course, being the left-hander and with my luck for stumbling onto things, I’m ending up watching them backwards. Not that I mind given that while there’s some reference to IRIS being referenced a couple of times in Athena, they are mostly independent of each other. More on that when I get through watching the show…

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Coming back from the rest of my queue on Hulu, I have to say… Fringe is really beginning to suck bad. With the last episode Os (short for the element Osmium and not anything else that might come to mind) I’m really beginning to lose my interest in this show. For while, I had thought that Bad Robot might have learned from some of its mistakes when telling stories like Alias, but the more I watch, the more I can’t help but see similarities from the latter show emerging in the former. With the advent of the on-going story demonstrating this rift going on between parallel dimensions causing a breakdown of the universe (or actually Multiverse if they’re wanting to be more accurate), I can’t shake the feeling that this dimensional rift will be used more and more to basically excuse to the fundamental breaking of science and physics in a carte blanche way thereby destroying my ability to suspend disbelief to enjoying the show. And worse, it’s being done in nearly the exact same fashion as done in Alias. Sad too, as I was really liking this show…

Well, I think I’m going to call it a night… it’s quiet, and I think I’m off to play a bit more before heading to bed early. Tomorrow, the section I didn’t talk about today: the geeky stuff.

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