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Entry 04/18/2011 10:05:43 AM – Mentat 610


Christ on a drunken rampage, does my family make a lot of noise in the morning sometimes.

What with the advent of Spring finally being in the air, it’s the family’s habit of moving all their winter clothes into boxes in the basement and then lugging all the summer clothes out for the upcoming 5 months, which isn’t so bad given that neither of them can lift the heavy boxes and I normally get corralled into doing it. But damn this morning, my uncle was literally rampaging through the stairwell, basement and stairwell again moving nothing more than 6 or so winter coats and parkas from his closet to the hanger bar in the basement. It only took him 5 minutes to do this sort of thing, but given the noise that he had been making about it, it might as well been an hour. Then after he had finally left the house to go gallivanting now that he’s got more mobility since the knee replacement surgery performed 6 weeks ago, my aunt then takes turns with sounding like she was running what could only be described as an industrial sized Vacuum Cleaner about the kitchen linoleum because it was her turn to clean around her cat’s box.

While my cat’s pretty unshaken by it all (as she’s currently sitting here on my lap, sprawled over my thigh and snoring quietly), I’m sitting here completely distracted and almost frazzled by the almost ½ hour of noise that had gone on in their part of the house. Jeez, not the sort of thing I was looking forward to either, given that it has been so peaceful here at the homestead the last couple of days that I’ve actually lost track of the days for the last 4 days too. Not a fun feeling on the whole, given that I kept thinking it was some other day of the week, particularly given that I’m supposed to be getting Force Unleashed and Force Unleashed 2 tomorrow (probably Wednesday latest). Not too bad a deal for something like $25 (American) given…

Other than that it’s been really quiet here in the Tundras of New England. Weather took a momentary turn for the cold for a couple of days — thanks largely to the same couple of days that it had rained as well. It’s still more than a little chilly here at the moment (48 F/8.8 C) though it promises to warm up rather nicely by mid-day. I’ve been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures when I can and putting in anywhere from 4 – 9 miles (6.4 – 14.5 km) a day depending on the terrain, energy and temperatures and feeling pretty good about it given. I wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather yesterday when I headed to Stop & Shop to pick up a quick lunch and get myself some RIPTIKs so that I could progress my way up to 11 miles (17.7 km) like I used to do when I worked in Smithfield), but wussied out of it given that there was some sort of mad dash to the supermarket and everyone and their remote relatives were clogging up the place buying groceries and what not when I was there. Heh, what can I say? I like my trips to the Supermarket to be quiet, uneventful and relatively barren of folk. Particularly given how annoying they can be with shopping carts and completely oblivious to the 500 or so people also shopping the same time they are. Better to feel like I’m the only one in there than having to work around people and shopping carts like some sort of shopping Olympics.

I’m also beginning to see some green in the grass and trees and even some of the flowering trees are showing buds; like Tulip Magnolias, Forsythias and of course the Maple Trees… Not to mention some of the early perennials (Tulips, Crocuses and Daffodils), and I suspect the usual violets as well, but I haven’t stopped to check out any of the usual places to see if they’ve come up. I suspect that the reason I’ve been sneezing, wheezing and coughing both during the bike ride and after — besides because I’ve been out of shape — is because along with the Maples — the White and Cherry Birch and Junipers are also pollinating and causing quite the pollen count in the area. Jeez… I went looking at the pollen count and it’s pretty high for the area (and much higher than my old neighborhood in the Crotch of the Bible Belt.

Heh, and some of the things that I didn’t mention in the last journal that I had been thinking about is that I’ve been feeling sort of like a Pod People — someone that locks themselves up in the house and ventures out for only limited trips during the winter, and when spring comes, bursts out of the house like something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers to enjoy life once again. Seems that on a couple of the roads that I’ve traveled before, things have drastically changed. Like for example when I was on Farnum Pike/Greenville Road in North Smithfield near to the Route 146 on-ramps. Seems that there’s a house at the top of the hill there that I used to remember fondly as a shady spot during the last leg of my trip home. As you can see in this picture here from Google Maps.


Going by there last week the trees were all gone. Took me about 30 seconds to realize the difference with it, and only did so because of how bright it was on that particular stretch of road. Another thing that changed is farther up the road from here there had been quite a lot of construction going on for a house well off the main part of the road. Going by that, the driveway had been pristine, whatever damage was wrecked during the construction had been replaced by trees that made it look as though nothing had happened there, and there was even a For Sale sign up for the property. The next time I’m through the neighborhood, I’ll see if I can’t take a couple of pictures of it to notate it… Though I need to be a bit careful about that given how suspicious Rhode Islanders can be about a man on a bike with a backpack, listening to an iPod and snapping pics from his mobile phone… Knowing people around here like I do, I bet they’ll be thinking I’m casing houses for stealing from, given the amount of paranoia they can have about such things.

Oh and I got around to finally seeing Tron: Legacy as well. They did well with it, though I think they waited entirely too long to actually getting around to making a sequel. Particularly given how old Jeff Bridges was then and now. No amount of CGI would make it believable given the technology still isn’t quite there when it comes to human life-like. That and I found Flynn’s Zen-attitude to be extremely off-putting while they were in the virtual world. He was a child of the 70s and early 80s, and that Zen-attitude was 20 years before that, even for Californians. Other than a couple of glitches, I’ll eventually get around to writing a review on it, and say here — I think it was well worth the watch (Yes Glenn, you can take you jaw off the ground… I actually have good things to say about a movie for a change).

Online has been the usual chaos with the kids. Nothing much to talk about there other than my recognizing that my patience is rather high with the younger teenagers of some of the places I sit in. Some of the kids are going through Spring Break, others just the post-winter spazzes. The egg-timer’s currently clicking away at the moment until they begin to get obnoxious again and I decide whether I want to troll them for the grins and giggles or not. Yeah, it’s that time of year for me… Less civil, more trolling when the kids let loose with their usual “I’m so bored!” or worse.

Well, that’s about it for the time being. I’m off to see if I can’t enjoy the weather a bit before I sit down for some good old fashioned gaming chaos. Until the next time.

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