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Entry 08/03/2011 10:30:29 PM – Mentat 617


The world is round; it has no point.” – Adrienne E. Gusoff

Needless to say that it’s been a fun couple of weeks since I’ve last sat down to write. I was able to work out getting a replacement mobile phone for the one that I broke, and so far it’s survived longer than the first one (by a couple of weeks). Was also able to get the screen protector on without any problem whatsoever, and now I don’t mind it so much when I get oily fingerprints all over the screen because they’re easy enough to wipe off with a lint-free cloth. So I can be as ham-handed about it as I want without worrying about it getting dirty — which was probably the reason why I was being so cautious and careful that caused me to drop the phone in the first place. Was even able to work out a slight glitch in getting the SD card recognized on the PC. Then we had a power fluctuation in the house early in the morning between the last entry and this one, causing the power supply to die a terrible and horrible death (read: didn’t come back online with enough power for the video card).

New power supply in place (one with about 300 watts more power than the previous and putting it at a humble 1100 watts) and Frankenstein’s beast is back online. However, it turns out one of the front intake fans refuses to power up for reasons I’m not entirely sure. While it’s only one fan out of six, it’s still enough for me to be only slightly concerned with the cooling within the box particularly given the heat wave we’ve just come out from. At the moment, the temperatures around the Tundras of New England are more than a little comfortable — but as this is August (and technically the hottest time of the year) — I’m sure we have a couple of more days this month for the scorching hot (near 100 F/40 C) temps to strike some more.

*sighs* Still though, if it’s not one thing, it’s another…

Other than that — it’s relatively quiet here at the moment. My aunt and uncle are getting ready for a trip to Florida in a couple of weeks, for a couple of weeks, which means I’ll be watching their pets along with making sure things go along smoothly while they’re gone. It’s going to be pretty interesting to hear back from them given that Florida at this time of year is infinitely worse than here — and they’ve been practically melting (and bitching about it) the instant the temperature gets above 85 F (29.4 C).

I’ve been feeling pretty good since I’ve gotten the bike back and doing 20 km a day riding. Heh, some days I’m so covered in sweat, people think I got caught in a downpour along the way, though the good thing is that I haven’t had any sort of charley horses, and whatever swelling I had of the feet and ankles quickly goes down with so much as a 20 minute walk (1 mile/1.6 km). Good thing too — because while it’s not in the least bit painful, the fourth generation hypochondriac that I can be ends up thinking horrible things are going on — from elephantiasis (as I’ve said before) to kidney failure, to some of the nastier heart conditions/heart disease that can be found on the medical related websites.

I know, I know… leave the diagnoses to medical professionals if there’s a problem, and as a fourth generation hypochondriac to steer well clear of such sites. It’s just that sometimes in the morning, while I’m still waking up and sort of in a curious frame of mind, I end up finding information that seems to relate to my symptoms, and even though I’ve read it and realize that it’s not going to happen here — like the elephantiasis (which occurs in tropical areas) — my brains think that there’s always a possibility of it happening here. And that’s when I become my own worst nightmare and start worrying. At least for about 30 or so minutes before I drive it all out of my head and go about my business as usual. At least the good thing is that such silly worrying doesn’t seem to invade into my unconscious and I end up dreaming about some dreaded virus or some such happening…

…No! Of course not! What ends up in my head is working/quitting and re-hiring at my last job almost a year later. Yeah, that’s the dream that I had last night. One that was so annoying and disorientating, when I woke up at 6 in the morning to Cricket’s parading up and down my pillow because she was hungry was that I wasn’t sure whether it was all a dream or whether there were parts of reality to it with me going back to work there. Yeah, that one was definitely fun. Took me two minutes longer than I wanted to spend thinking about it this morning and realizing that my going back to work there for some months and then quitting again was a recurring theme of my dreams whenever I dream of the job.

Although sitting here and thinking about that dream again, I realize that I had another dream that followed it that was even more demented than the whole working/quitting recurring theme that I had. No, the next dream that tied in had nothing to do with the usual aliens invading earth motif that I typically have. And no, it wasn’t post war nuclear holocaust either. All I can remember as I’m sitting here writing this is that it was… weird in a very entertaining sort of way. Oh well… I might be able to remember it another time; right now though it’s lost to the back recesses of my brain waiting to jump out when I least expect it.

Speaking of, I was thinking about that during my ride through Smithfield. In about 2 weeks, I’ll have celebrated my first anniversary of leaving that job and loafing as I have during that time. Funny how even after a year of ups and downs and some of the trials and tribulations that I’ve gone through, I still find myself torn as to my decision on it. It’s not as bad now as it was last year — though it’s enough to still pull at me sometimes and leave me wondering whether I did the right thing or not. While my sanity is certainly better for it — it’s just one of those sort of things that I sometimes wonder whether this was a challenge I should have learned from instead of bailing out before I completely lost my temper. *shrugs* At this point it’s neither here nor there as it’s not something that can be readily rectified

Cricket’s hating the heat at about this point. If she hasn’t been growling and hissing at me when I’ve checked for life and gave her a quick pet, she’s been so sprawled out and lacking such energy during the day when the temperatures get up above 80. Her appetite’s slacked off a little because of it, though I did press her a bit into continuing to eat the three cans of wet food a day and whatever dry she’s in the mood for. Right now she’s off on the bed, sprawled out again and completely passed out after finishing off her third can of food for the day.

When it cools off though Cricket shows a lot more life. I think that the field mouse my aunt’s caught hints of has been making its way into my part of the house, which might explain why Cricket’s been in some of the more obscure parts of the apartment staring at things for hours at a time. When I go to investigate, Cricket seems to try to poke into things — particularly when I come with a flashlight. Though neither she nor I have found any trace of the field mouse, making me think that she’s getting demented in her old age and chasing after shadows more than anything.

As a precaution I’ve laid out a couple of humane traps to see if I can’t catch it, but so far the traps have been left un-sprung leaving me think that it’s only in my aunt’s part of the house and not mine.

That’s about it for the time being. Off to watch the continuing sweeping melodramatic soap opera — The Great Queen SeonDeok that Hulu has had available. Sixty-two, just over an hour long episodes that’s a sort of historic story about the first Queen of the Silla Empire. Pretty damned good too, even if it’s been terribly predictable at some points. Not to mention the villain of the story is someone I can just love to hate – Misil. Something I would strongly recommend to people if they’re interested in period pieces.

Until the next time.

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    • 08/15/2011 at 9:53 am

      I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. It’s a journal about me and my perspective on life and all the things that go on within it. What’s there to not understand?

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