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The last entry of the year


Entry 12/31/2011 10:10:51 AM – Mentat 626

Society, my dear, is like salt water, good to swim in but hard to swallow.” – Arthur Stringer

So it’s the end of the year here at the Homestead and it seems that the coming New Year is going to be welcomed not with the usual bitter cold that I remember of years past, but instead a mild (albeit a bit on the raw side) and rainy evening somewhere in the 50s F (10 C). Of course, local newspapers and witch doctor meteorologists are asking where Winter is, but for me I’m rather happy that it’s not below freezing and I’m not bundled up like I had suddenly been shipped off to some obscure part of Siberia. Whether I actually wander down to Downtown to watch the people acting exuberant (and bizarre) remains to be seen, but for the moment — the thought’s there and I’ll probably think more about it after sundown this evening.

Once again, there’s a strange hush going on in the neighborhood as well. While there are more trucks that normal out there for this time of morning — it’s not the usual amount of noise that has me wanting to grab the earbuds and drowning out noises (read: music) that I don’t want to hear. Heh, though yesterday it would appear that the downstairs neighbors were playing music loudly because the backyard looks like a redneck’s front yard with all the vehicles up on jacks as the old man was working on two of them because they don’t seem to be handling the insane weather too well. But I didn’t mind really as I was already drowning out the other noise from outside by listening to something from DI.FM. Fortunately for me, the old man downstairs gave up the music (and the vehicle work) early afternoon and things around here returned to normal.

For giggles, I took a look through my New Year’s Resolutions in my Journal and I have to say, that I actually did more of them than I thought I had. Sure, there were only 3, though at least I got 2 of them done. Of course the first (and most important) one of them had to deal with dating… But given Cricket’s condition through most of the year, I didn’t mind all that much really. Sure, I can use that as an excuse (and deep down inside admit that it is), but at the same time, coming up on 9 years celibate, I don’t mind it all that much really (as opposed to how I would’ve acted 22 years ago, like it is some sort of catastrophe). I’ve been thinking a bit about some of the ideas and resolutions that I might want to do in the coming year. I’m sure people might get a kick out of one of them; depending on my presentation. A couple of them are definitely creative in design, so stay tuned for those.

Survived the holidays pretty well… though for the life of me I can’t understand why it was I felt like crap the next day. It was like I was hung-over but the thing was, all I had was a half glass of wine with the meal. That definitely wasn’t something I was expecting — the feeling of being hung over. Even got to annoy my aunt’s 14 year old grand-daughter by trolling her a bit about her love of Hetalia and Death Note. Amazing how easy it was to troll her on it… but then again these are kids and their fanatical love of yaoi/yuri-like stories. *eye roll*

Other than that… Heh, I’m going to enjoy a lackadaisical day around the house. Until the New Year…

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