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Picture of the Day 01.04.2012


01.04.2012 Picture of the Day

Another of the buildings within a couple of blocks walking distance that I think has a more dubious past. Looking at the graffiti on the front of the building and coupled with some pretty intense looking barring on the door (you can’t see if from this angle as the trees are in the way), I can’t help but get the impression that this served as a crack/meth dealer’s house before it was completely barred up. There’s some flotsam at the front gate — but nothing like the house that I took pictures of yesterday. Across the street from this is a business that seems to be doing somewhat well, but the houses that are adjoining the property are also boarded up like this one.

I also didn’t have the courage to check out what the back area of the house looked like. Several neighbors were scowling at me when I showed up to take pictures of the building, and one of them was looking to pick up the phone at a moment’s notice, in spite of the fact that I was dressed like a man with a white-collared past.

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