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Picture of the Day 01.05.2012


01.05.2012 Picture of the Day

I walk by this house routinely and can’t help by ask myself, “is there any life in the house at all?” I never see lights on any of the floors at night. I never see people coming in and out of the building. But once a week, like clockwork — the garbage bins for the building go out on Garbage Day (Friday) and are put away by the afternoon. The car in the driveway (as seen in the far right of the picture) occasionally moves and is sometimes not backed into the driveway.

In a strange way, it reminds me of the creepy house in so many books where it’s said some crotchety and curmudgeonly child-eating octogenarian lives and waits like a spider in its web. When some unsuspecting child tries to recover some wayward toy that ended up in the yard, ends up disappearing — toy and all — never to be seen again.

Makes me glad to be old and crotchety; it means I’m immune to that spider in the web.

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