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Picture of the Day 01.06.2012


01.06.2012 Picture of the Day

I decided on taking a wander north of Atwells Avenue (on the way toward Dean St and Downtown Providence) and have to say that the housing on that side of the road is definitely in better shape, not to mention showing more signs of life and habitation. However, during my wandering just a couple of streets off of Valley, I did come across this building between a plumbing supply company and office buildings.

Based on the neighborhood, I think this was originally zoned a combination residential/commercial (based on what I understand of architecture in the area), though what it originally was for a business I haven’t a clue. Given the other buildings in the area (ALCO, a steelyard and a rubber mill) I suspect it was something specialized.

Given the deterioration of the roof and the side of the building toward the renovated offices, I suspect it’s been this way for a long while.

  1. 01/17/2012 at 9:01 am

    Very good blog post. I always mention that a plumber was unknown until the upsurge of modern society in the nineteenth century, the same time that local health departments began insisting on better effluent disposal systems to be installed and the same time that plumbers in Cardiff started providing a modern, clean service. Before this the waste disposal system meant collection and deposition in the local waterways.

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