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Picture of the Day 01.07.2012



Today I was torn about where I wanted to take a picture… As the weekends are normally my slouch around the house sort of days, I wasn’t exactly up for the treks that I usually do during the week, so I had a choice between walking all the way to Olneyville for a place I had in mind, and the bridge next to the house which is in a definitive state of disrepair. As it was beautiful out (temperatures reached 61 F/16.1 C), I decided on heading toward Olneyville to a take-out Chinese Restaurant that has been abandoned for some years.

Turns out that when I got there, some of the locals are using the parking lots and the front of the building as a sort of flea market, which goes against the theme that I’ve been working on about the desiccated and abandoned buildings of my neighborhood. Disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to use a picture of the building, I decided to wander down a street I wondered about for some time, and what do my eyes come across?


I can’t help but wonder as I took a picture of this, where the other stiletto was? I checked into the river below the bridge to see nothing of it. And then as I was heading back to the house this song starts playing. And as the song goes, “…the rest of the tale’s not a pretty one. Pity one isn’t for sale…”

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