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Picture of the Day 01.08.2012


01.08.2012 Picture of the Day

This is the bridge near to the house in Eagle Square that crosses over the Woonasquatucket River. As you can see they had put up concrete dividers in the hopes of dissuading pedestrians from using this sidewalk as it’s a safety hazard From my vantage from the house I guarantee you that most people ignore the barriers and continue to walk on it because walking into the street is far more dangerous as people don’t seem to pay attention to pedestrians trying to get around.

Not surprising, the other side of the bridge isn’t in much better shape, with the steel struts bending and warping (because of load balance between the two sides) but at least there’s a sidewalk that he pedestrians can use.

It makes me wonder when the city’s going to get around to actually repairing/renovating the bridge. Part of me thinks it’s going to take the bridge completely collapsing before that happens. Not that there’s going to be much of a fall if it collapses — but it will be a major pain to get around if it does — for both pedestrians and motorists.

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