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Picture of the Day 01.09.2012


01.09.2012 Picture of the Day

The now dead George’s Tire on Valley St. When I had moved into the neighborhood, this place was already closing down as I remember that there were no cars and no activity inside the building when I moved into the neighborhood in October. By December, plywood boards such as the you can see on the garage door were put up. And of course, the graffiti started showing up shortly after that. Officially, this is a completely dead road as none of the buildings on both sides of this small street are closed and out of business.

Also couldn’t loiter around the area for too long as three police cruisers came flying down the street to stop at beauty salon, lights flashing, police officers flying out of the cars, unclipping the snaps on their holsters and banging on the door that leads up to the apartments above the storefront. Thought about taking a picture, but decided against it quickly given how touchy police are about picture taking while they’re working. So, off I went to head back to the house — minding my own business.

This is actually a runner up shot as I didn’t like the angle for picture of the abandoned and falling down Chinese Restaurant on Curtis St that I had taken. I’m going to need to head over early in the morning to take a shot of it from across the street given that early morning is about the only time I’ll be able to take a shot of it without the wall-to-wall traffic that goes on there the majority of the day.

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