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Picture of the Day 01.10.2012



The front entrance to management offices for the old GE Mechanical Plant on Atwells Ave. Originally built in 1892, they had fiddled a bit with remote control door and gate openers on the front (as you can see) around the middle of the century that have completely stopped working when I remember seeing this building back in the 80s. While you can see hints of lights on in the building, there has never been a car in the front or back parking lots for as long as I remember. It’s currently up for sale. All 7 acres of it. My roommate thinks that they’ll probably try to convert it to residential apartments, but given that arsenic was used to clean tools and mechanical equipment at the turn of the 20th century — I can’t see that happening, even after they were to remove all the arsenic that’s seeped into the ground.

When I first took the shot earlier in the afternoon the sun was off to the upper left of the shot, completely glaring the lens and the picture to the point where it was unusable, at least later in the day it was still a bit bad, but at least a little better. I might have to check the settings if this continues to happen.

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