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Picture of the Day 01.12.2012


01.12.2012 Picture of the Day

The Valley Street Entrance to Donigian Park in my neighborhood. While this was a good idea to attempt to reclaim some of the old land in the area, this is just one of those sort of parks that missed the mark at what they wanted to do with it. As you can see to the right, there’s a basketball court — yes 1 court. To the right of that some swings and a bit of jungle-jim sort of stuff, but after that? Just the path that you see here, a lot of hilly land and just enough space for maybe some informal soccer playing. Lighting for this park while being green (you can see one of them with the solar panels) are frightfully inadequate for the park itself and just barely for an after-sunset walkthrough.

When it warmed up the other day there were a couple of kids playing hoops, but the park was mostly empty. Can’t wait to see what it looks like during the spring and summer when things warm up.

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