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Picture of the Day 01.17.2012


01.17.2012 Picture of the Day

One of the many signs that we have in the Valley St/Woonasquatucket River area of Providence. Apparently those that have moved into this part of the world from outside the USA don’t realize that this river had been used to dump all sorts of chemicals and from the factories in the area. Sure, most of the toxicity has gone because it’s an always moving river — I’m sure that the riverbed still contains something there that will cause people to get pretty sick. Haven’t seen fish yet, but then again I moved into the neighborhood late in the year, in spite of the weather being warm… No doubt it won’t have any fish that are remotely edible for humans. And garbage? Heh, farther up the river, deep in Olneyville, I seem to recall seeing a dead fridge in the water.

And yes, the ice is already gone. We got a little snow last night, but by the time I got up in the morning, all that remained was a lot of wet ground (as you can sort of see here). Temperature along with the perpetual mists and light rain that had been going on through most of the day has melted it.

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