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Picture of the Day 01.18.2012


01.18.2012 Picture of the Day

I decided a slight change was in order. Instead of focusing on all the abandoned and destitute buildings of my “beautiful” neighborhood, I decided to go into the heart of Federal Hill into the area where there had been quite a bit of renovation and restoration going on. While some of the lower parts of the neighborhood gets a bit on the destitute side the closer you get to Olneyville — the parts that get closer to my house on Atwells Ave are certainly in much better shape than I remember them when I moved away at the end of 1992/beginning of 1993.

Sure this house might need more than a few coats of paint, but it’s surprisingly in good shape. I am also impressed with the fact that the stained glass in the front door appears to be the original produced for the entrance more than a century ago. Though the garage to the left (in the shadow), was built some time later when the automobiles were becoming more commonplace than a toy for the rich.

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