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Picture of the Day 01.19.2012


01.19.2012 Picture of the Day


This picture came out a little darker than I had expected, but the effect of the sunset sort of makes it a bit worthwhile. This is the Church of St. Mary on Broadway. It’s rather interesting to see from my neck of the woods as it often reminds me of the lone gothic castle standing on the hill. Interesting thing is that from Valley Street, the sun seems to rise up behind it, and from this standpoint sets about the same place (well, on the other side of the building anyway).

Of course this is taken during rush hour, which is why there’s so many cars on the road. Oh, and in case anyone wonders, yes — that smallish lane to the right of the cars is the Bike Path through the neighborhood. I’m not so sure about taking it, but saw quite a few people using it in spite of the fact that the temperatures were below freezing while I was walking around the neighborhood and laughing like a fool while listening The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio play.

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