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Picture of the Day 01.20.2012


01.20.2012 Picture of the Day

The day after the snow that fell last night, and a hint at what we’re looking forward to tonight as well. This is actually in the renovated section of Federal Hill closer to the Broadway side of things. I had chosen this shot for three reasons: the lack of traffic (other than perhaps the Fed-Ex truck lumbering down the street, the fact that it’s trash day tomorrow and that life does go on as it does here in the Tundras of New England, and wait the plowing and shoveling really hasn’t been done. Yes, it’s a bit wet and yes it’s extremely hazardous to walk which will be made worse when the sun goes down and what’s melted re-freezes.

I also like the fact that the house at the end (center-right and across Broadway) is still painted brown, cream and pink. That house has been that color for as long as I remember Broadway and that dates back more than 25 years now.

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