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Picture of the Day 01.24.2012


01.24.2012 Picture of the Day

A picture I had taken yesterday when I took my walk and didn’t have time to put together a pre-amble or upload to the usual places (work had a way of creeping up on me and keeping me entirely too busy until well into the night). As you can see, a day after the 50+ F (10+ C) weather we had yesterday, all but the largest of snow mounds has completely disappeared in only a couple of days. Even on the parts of ground that aren’t usually touched/walked upon by humans.

This is a picture from the Broadway Street Bridge on the way into Olneyville that shows the expanse of my part of the neighborhood in Olneyville. In the distance is the VA Hospital off of Chalkstone. As I had mentioned to a friend about Rush Hour and pile ups, the road below where I’m standing (Routes 6 and 10) are the worst when it comes to parking lots and traffic jams for getting onto the Interstates. Fortunately for me, I was several hours too early for a good picture of the traffic pile-ups. Maybe when it’s not bitterly cold, I’ll take a picture of it to show what it’s like.

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