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Picture of the Day 01.26.2012


01.26.2012 Picture of the Day

I forgot that I took this photo the other day and when I was synching up my phone with my computer, I realized that this was dumped into the pictures folder. I was out in the car with my uncle, showing him the basics of the Samsung Smartphone that he had purchased while he was dropping off something I forgot at my aunt and uncle’s (tea bags for making sweet tea as only a Southerner can). While I was showing him how to point and click a photo with his phone; what did my wondering eyes see in front of me?

Life! From the house next door. The house that I see no lights on in the evening, and yet the garbage cans go out to the front of the house with the same regularity as our own. You know, from this photo. Nice to see that it’s an older woman that lives there. Two of them from what I was able to see.

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