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Pictures of the Day 01.28.2012


01.28.2012 - 1 Picture of the Day

As the weather was pretty crappy yesterday because of the amount of rain that had fallen from Sunrise to Sunset, I decided to keep in the house rather than try to brave the elements with umbrella. Fortunately for me, I was able to head out today for while the weather wasn’t as warm as I had hoped, but not bitterly freezing for this time of year either.

The problem with restoration and revitalization projects is that they are tightly budgeted. Because of this, local contractors aren’t always capable of building/restoring or replacing houses that had been demolished with the same styles of the houses that were lost (through neglect, fire, etc). So in their place are these sort of generic houses that don’t quite fit into the neighborhood quite like the older houses that are around them.

Sure they’re pretty, and they do liven up the area (and thus bring up the market value of the neighborhood), but there’s just something too — new — about them that makes you realize just how new they are.

01.28.2012 - 2 Picture of the Day

Particularly when you consider this shaker house that is only a block away from these newly built houses. This is a blue-collar shaker house built between the two world wars. And like many of the houses in the neighborhood quite colorful. Quaint? Yes, Colorful? Certainly. And by far older than most of the houses surrounding it.

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