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Picture of the Day 01.29.2012


01.29.2012 Picture of the Day

One of the fossils of a bygone era: the Mom & Pop Storefront. There are many such buildings like this one littered throughout the Federal Hill, Mount Pleasant, Olneyville areas where the first floor was some sort of store with the floors above being either the apartments for the owners or their families. I can remember from my childhood in my hometown as well as the occasional day trips to Providence that there were Television Repair and Sales stores, Bicycle Repair shops, Convenience Stores (not at all like the quickie-marts, 7-Elevens, Circle-Ks of today), stove and home appliance sales stores in select neighborhoods within the city. And of course, Hardware Stores were a time a dozen as well.

Some ethnic convenience stores are still around, but for the most part, since the spread of Superstores like Wal*Mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, etc. The Mom & Pop died quietly leaving many buildings like this throughout the city.

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