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Picture of the Day 01.30.2012


01.30.2012 Picture of the Day

This picture was taken sort of to prove a point. I typically do my grocery shopping online because of the convenience of having it delivered to my doorstep as I don’t drive and it’s sometimes difficult to arrange for transportation to and from the market. One of the things of the supermarket that I do business with is that their online aisles are pretty much set up the same way that the aisles are within the store. One week the webmasters had reorganized the aisles online in a such a way as they were a bit more difficult to shop through than normal. One of the things that I noticed was that the spaghetti sauce was not in the same aisle as the pasta.

Commenting to people online about this, they said to me, “of course spaghetti sauce isn’t in the same aisle as the pasta… it’s supposed to be in the condiment aisles.”

This is proof to the contrary. Now, New Englanders won’t think twice about this because this is perfectly normal to see. But for the rest of those telling me “it’s not supposed to be there” is proof that yep – to a New Englander, this… along with the grated cheese… is found in the same aisle.

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