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Picture of the Day 01.31.2012


01.31.2012 Picture of the Day

This was an interesting site to stumble across. I was in the mood for something salty. Wasn’t sure whether it was my want for chips, or spinach pie, or even something sweet. So as I walked down the main drag of Federal Hill on my way to the Pineapple and the I-95 overpass, I look to my right and see the mattress propped up against the No Parking sign. Then as I get closer, I see the quaint re-worked garage (now a sort of garbage filled gazebo, and the mural on the other building. I thought to myself, what an interesting juxtapose of treasure and trash, snapped the pic, and wandered back toward Caserta’s for a Whimpy Skippy.

Note the architecture. This neighborhood has clearly changed, but not by much, all because of the most common neighborhood changer there is: a house fire. I recall stumbling across records of many such fires in the Federal Hill neighborhood; but what with the way frugal New Englanders are, salvaged what they could and fixed what they couldn’t.

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