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Picture of the Day 02.02.2012


02.02.2012 Picture of the Day

I actually took this one yesterday (02.01.2012), but I wanted to save this one for a reason. One of the things that I’ve been doing in my wanderings around the town along with taking pictures of various buildings and areas is that I’ve been going through various feelings of nostalgia. Some areas I remember where friends used to live. Others were about amusing stories that had occurred while I had walked through that part of a neighborhood. Memories, emotions, fond thoughts have washed in and out of my mind.

This surprisingly is one of those places of nostalgia. You wouldn’t know it, but 40 years ago, this was the alley for entering into a gay dance/bar. Before it became the “No Name” the bar that was here was called the Fief and Drum, and the Night Affair. It was a seedy little hole in the wall that used to charge $5 cover (later they dropped it to $3 on College Beer Nights on Wednesday nights), with disco and dance music played until 1 – 2 in the morning (depending on the day of the week).

It was here 40 years ago (around this time of year too), when I was 17 that I had first encounters other queerfolk. I was amazed and in awe that it wasn’t just me and my high school friend that were gay and from my home town. I had seen people that I had suspected but was never sure (until that moment). Sure, I was underage, but with the right attitude and knowing how to duck out if the place were raided, I got to feel at least once a week that I wasn’t the token anything in anyone’s life. And there are a lot of memories — good and bad — associated to this back alley.

What happened to the bar here? When they had torn down the old Cherry & Webb building on Weybosset St and Johnson & Wales University turned it into a campus, many of the seedier businesses were driven off of the street including the bars. There’s still one or two in this part of the block, but they’re cleaner and less seedy. It’s a set of offices now… Accountants I think. It makes me wonder if any of them know how much history went on there…

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