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Picture of the Day 02.03.2012


02.03.2012 Picture of the Day

I used to pass this building a lot on my way from my old apartment on Vernon St to go seeing my boyfriend on Atwells so many years ago (19 years ago). Back then it was in pretty sad and sorry shape with boards across the garage door and taped up newspapers across the windows. I even think that at one point I did a little researching and found out what the purpose of this building was, but have since long forgotten.

Fast forward to recently and this is what the building looks like today. It looks like it’s occupied, but I’ll be damned if I know what it’s for now. It’s not an apartment as there’s no mail slots in the usual places and no signs of residency on the side or back. But at least it’s cleaned up nicely. I do know it’s built in 1875 (as the granite says at the top) but after that? Not a clue anymore. Google has nothing on it either.

Maybe I’ll work up stopping by when I see the doors are open or something.

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