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Picture of the Day 02.04.2012


02.04.2012 Picture of the Day

One of the things that people don’t realize when they come to Federal Hill are the amount of monuments and squares that had been dedicated to a fallen soldier that grew up somewhere near the Hill and Providence. As you wander around the streets between Westminster and Atwells, you’re going to see a sign dedicated to a soldier in one of the many conflicts, battles and wars that happened throughout US History.

I believe this is actually one of the oldest still standing at the corners of Federal and Dean Streets, dedicated to a local that had fought and died in World War I. Since then however, it’s more a metal (or in many cases wooden) sign placed well above the ground and doesn’t give an idea of when the soldier had died and what war he had fought. It’s something that I strongly believe should be revived so that folk that see it can get an idea of what war such a dedication is being presented for courage, valor and bravery.

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