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Pictures of the Day 02.09.2012


02.09.2012 - 1 Picture of the Day

One of the things that I’ve been positively fascinated about since I’ve moved to Providence are the amount of bike riders I see during the winter. Now it’s always been my tradition that when the temperatures drop below 45 F (7.2 c) is that it’s time to put the bike up in the garage (or the basement) until such time as there’s positively no threat of snow and that the temperatures reach at least 50 F (10 c). Not here and certainly not since I moved back to the Tundras of New England back in 2004. As long as there’s been no snow or ice on the road, I’ve seen riders on their bikes in below freezing with negative wind chills going on as well. And sometimes I’ve seen them on their bikes even when there’s been snow and ice on the road…

Have we become that green? Is it just the sad state of the economy in the state that’s causing people to give up their cars for bikes? Or is it some even more demented combination of the two?

I came across this during my walk and thought to myself, “this one’s seen better days.” About 5 years ago maybe.

02.09.2012 - 2 Picture of the Day

Now 20 to 30 years ago, if this were painted on the side of the building, the Italians would be having a fit about it, and trying their best to drive away the “ferinerz”. Now, it’s either tolerance or just plain apathy but the corner store that this is painted on has been there for almost a decade (according to locals). It’s a piece of color that first caught my eye when I was coming home from my job that I quit months ago. Now that I’m in the neighborhood, I make it a point to wander by once in a while to appreciate the imagery of the piece.

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