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Pictures of the Day 02.15.2012


Admittedly, I haven’t been very creative the last week. Part of the reason has been because the weather’s been just so blah and gray, there’s really nothing out there that has enough color for me to attract my attention. Most of the reason though is because the roommate’s been out of the state for the last week that I’ve been able to enjoy the mostly quiet of the house with the cats. Seems they’re happy about the quiet as well, and even Wilma seems to like the thought of running up to me to get my attention so that I can throw some kibble for her to chase and eat (seems she would prefer that her food be moving to it being in a bowl). But I did get out yesterday to go grocery shopping and captured a couple of pictures. I might go out in a bit to see if I can capture just how blah and gray it is right now.

02.15.2012 - 1 Picture of the Day

Anyone that travels by public transportation would recognize these signs. These are the markers where the bus is supposed to stop. While most people have nothing but negative things to say about Rhode Island’s public transportation, I have had mostly good things to say about them — with some exceptions. One of those exceptions deals with how arbitrary the bus drivers can be about honoring where to stop for the bus stop. In this particular case, the bus stopped to let people off near the door to the supermarket and then just drove on by the stop not picking up any of the other passengers waiting there. Even with people yelling and chasing after him, this particular driver’s attitude was “I stopped, you didn’t get on… I don’t care.” Fortunately, this is a stop that you only have to wait 20 minutes, but it’s 20 minutes I would’ve preferred to be closer to home than waiting at the stop.

02.15.2012 - 2 Picture of the Day

One of the many senior citizens that frequent this particular supermarket. As I watched him walking with the loaf of bread and bottle of milk in the child seat, shuffling because of arthritis, I thought to myself, “that will be me in 40 more years.”

Hopefully I won’t be as hunched over as he is…

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