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Entry 03/02/2012 10:06:53 AM – Mentat 632

Another Friday, another day at the laundromat.

The roommate’s come home a couple of days late, but at least he’s home in time for the routine song and dance with the landlord about how his section of the rent’s going to be late. At this point I find myself apathetic. I’ve reached my limit to his song and dance and for as long as I’m not dealing with eviction notices, I could care less of what arrangement Mark has with the landlord. Although I do know the landlord’s in a tight fix because all four families in my apartment complex have finally moved out leaving us and one neighbor on the third floor there. I heard when the landlord stopped by to drop off rat traps that another three of his apartments have been mostly vacated as ours have as well — so while he’s going to be a bit tense about late rent, he’s not going to push too hard given that he doesn’t want to lose what little income he has coming in at the moment.

According to what Mark’s telling me, his “job” wants him to head back to New Orleans in a couple of weeks there is some sort of International Art Exposition/Seminar/What-have-you going on there middle of the month and the company that he’s contracted through wants him to represent the company at it. Unlike his last trip, he’s only going to be gone a weekend (at most) at the company’s expense, so it’s not as though I get an extended break from his “motivational” speeches. This time since he’s come home, he’s telling me that he wants to clean up the two rooms he squats in… Heh and me being me will only believe it when I see it.

Though I did promise to help him try to get the box spring and mattress he had been given from the now ex-girlfriend before her move south. The mattress is going to be easy enough as it’s flexible… But the box spring? It’s a queen sized and I can’t see that getting up either stairwell. This is after all an old house and so the hallways were built for humans being of the average height of 5’6″ (167 cm), so I can see all sorts of problems getting it up the stairs. I think it might fit through the back windows, but the problem with this is that we would need to get them out of the frame to get it in… And given this is the second floor… I can see all sorts of accidents happening. Heh, it makes me glad that I went with a single sized futon instead of a double. Well that and the frame comes completely apart with a couple of easy to twist screws.

Wilma (the feral) and I have finally worked out an agreement. Her eyes have got to be the worst out of the three when it comes to collecting gunk in them. So every morning when I wake up, crack open the door to my room and head to the bathroom, she’ll wait patiently on the heater (when it’s idle and not on) or at just out of the way of the door (when it is), and when I’m done with my nature call, will allow me to clean her eyes providing that the very next thing I do is throw food for her. For as long as I either sit with her or throw kibble — she’s content. Found this out when one morning I gave her a pet, cleaned her eyes and then walked away which she had then hissed and took a swing at me in a miff. The instant I went to the kibble bowl, she was more than happy and forgot that what I had done.

The other two… Heh… Well… I’ll be uploading a picture I had taken last week of one of the two getting somewhere she wasn’t supposed to. Whiskey is finally sleeping with me when I nap (though he makes such an effort about where and how he wants to sleep on my lap). Since Mark’s come home the three of them don’t spend half as much time around him as he was used to. They might return to normal if he sticks around the house for longer, though right now they look to me for about everything: food, company, play and to moan about being lonely.

Since my last journal entry I’ve gone on a movie binge. So far I’ve watched, How to Train Your Dragon, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Priest, District 13, Quantum of Solace, Is it Just Me?, Strapped, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Star Trek: Nemesis, You Should Meet My Son!, and Dog Tags At the time of my writing this entry I still have Shank, Sherlock Holmes and District 13: Ultimatum to get through… Some of the thoughts that I’ve had on the various movies have been:

  • Since when do Vikings have Scottish Accents? Sickly sweet cute and nauseatingly politically correct, but hit the spot just right in spite of it all. Oh and Jay Baruchel continued to pull off nerdy well. (How to Train Your Dragon)
  • Luc Besson creates some interesting cult movies, but his sequels suck so badly they warp the very fabric of time and space! (District 13, but Transporter comes readily to mind for this as well. Thankfully he’s never made a sequel to Fifth Element, but I bet it would suck worse).
  • Percy Jackson came too late. It would’ve done perfect years earlier (even before Harry Potter), but because of Potter, this is a desperate grab for another franchise to capture kids and kids at heart to watching a new series. Oh, and since when did Greek Gods have British and Scottish Accents?
  • Nicolas Cage at least didn’t look like he was sleepwalking and on drugs in this film, and the rug on his head was certainly better (than the rug he had on his head in Next). But even Alfred Molina couldn’t save this paltry live-action reimagining of the Fantasia clip of the same name. Jay Baruchel was able to pull off nerd really well: I remember being that awkward in high school too. (Sorcerer’s Apprentice).
  • I’m glad I bailed on Star Trek back before Star Trek: Insurrection. This movie sucked. Good on Brent Spiner though to kill his character off to prevent him from coming back. And B4 is too “limited” to pull off Data’s resurrection in spite of what they did with him in Star Trek Online (Star Trek: Nemesis).
  • James Bond has lost its vision. There was an insane megalomaniac in this, but there was no clear point of a plan to destroy the world, no resolution when the villain was caught, and too many mixed messages about the current state of the world. I can see why this movie had such a cold reception at the box office. (Quantum of Solace)
  • The South isn’t that stereotypical, though the message was clear enough. The sisters remind me too keenly of my family when it comes to computers too (You Should Meet My Son!)
  • I could completely relate to the hero in Is it Just Me? And the love interest reminded me too much of Damion when he used to get stubborn and steadfast. Well that and the love interest’s attempt at a southern accent did as well.
  • A story about a hustler lost in an apartment complex who falls in love… While this is a sort of fairy tale, some of the messages that I walked away with from this movie left me thinking on more than one level. It’s a movie I would actually recommend to friends interested in the genre (Strapped).
  • I went into it mindless (Priest) and enjoyed it in spite of the fact that the Priests were Jedi Knights in black. Oh and a big thumb’s up to the fact that the Vampires were murderous killers and not disco balls on legs.
  • What a Charlie-Foxtrot! What message they were trying to hint at in the beginning of this film is nothing of the message that it ended with. I need to recommend a run-away from this movie to anyone that asks about it! (Dog Tags).

That’s just the movies I’ve seen so far. One of these days I might go back to writing a review or two.. Right now though — quick thoughts are about as much as I want to share. I think I might even get around to picking up Apollo 18 as well. There was also another movie that I was talking with Glenn about that I would put off for another day. While I can’t remember it off the top of my head, I’m pretty sure it’s time to pick it up as well.

So there’s a new word that’s ending up on my “loathe” list and that’s regular. Men looking for a regular guy. Men who describe themselves as regular. Seems that earlier this week, I had someone say to me that he was a regular guy and that he’s looking for someone regular. Heh, nipped that one in the bud by telling him right off there’s nothing “regular” about me. Really, what is this quest for finding a man that has as much color as gray and as much personality as Lurch? It’s one thing to be stoic and perhaps as reliable as a rock to stand on — but it’s quite the other to remove all personality traits and expression to the point of being projecting one as bland. I mean sure it’s not remotely truthful — look at the things my roommate said to me to sell himself and what I’ve discovered of him 4 months later is quite contradictory… But to intentionally try to sell oneself as that bland is mind-boggling.

Well that’s going to be it for the time being. Off I go to watch a bit of movies and then off to make lunch. Until the next time.

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