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Picture of the Day 04.03.2012


04.03.2012 Picutre of the Day

I was actually hoping for something yellow instead of blue but hey, given the circumstances this will have to do. I had to scoot over to my uncle’s yesterday because he was getting the usual scare-tactic messages on how his system’s running slow, how it had all sorts of errors, and how he should spend x amount of money to fix and optimize his system.

I naturally told him that he had nothing to worry about as he had an Anti-Virus solution running, and he did have Spybot loaded up and he knew how to run it if necessary. Not to mention that I didn’t think all that much damage could have happened since the last time I was over on Christmas.

So over I went and as I suspect, it was nothing but scareware. So, while Spybot was running through the second time to catch those things that were still running, I went outside to survey the neighborhood and enjoy the slightly warm (and mostly brisk) outside air of the afternoon. It was still too early for my aunt & uncle to be planting their annuals, but some of their perennials had started blooming. This one in particularly caught my eye. These are called Glory-of-the-Snow (Chionodoxa luciliae). I need to look into why the focus/zoom doesn’t quite work out the way that I wanted, in spite of the fact that the focus said that it had properly set on the flowers themselves.

Off to read the fine manual, I suppose.

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