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Picture of the Day 04.15.2012


04.15.2012 Picture of the Day

Amusingly, the instant that I open the door, in comes the Mad Cat Committee™ to squat in front of me (Whiskey mainly, who’s in the background here) asking for wet food because his bowl’s been emptied. Saucy (not in the picture), in my windows to announce to the world she’s horny and needs to get laid (yes, she needs to be fixed, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for my roommate’s cat problems). And Wilma (foreground), to stare up at me like some sort of creepy cat not sure whether she wants attention, me to go with her so she can have an audience while she eats, or to just stare at me because she can.

That is, until about a week ago, when she changed her habits just a bit…

Keep in mind Wilma is a feral. She doesn’t like being picked up by people, she’ll hiss and attack if you move too quickly in her direction (or will simply run away to hide somewhere for a couple of hours), and doesn’t want to be pet. It’s also quite the pain in the ass to clean her eyes (as they typically fill with gunk daily) as she’ll spit, hiss and smack at me if I don’t follow a specific habit: clean her eyes and then throw some kibble when I’m finished so she can chase it (as a treat).

Four months ago when I moved in, Wilma wouldn’t leave the safety under the couch in the living room. If she ate, she did so without an audience. Now? I can pat the bed and up she comes. Wilma will even put up with being pet for short periods of time from me when she’s up on the bed. Maybe in a couple of months, I’ll even have her trained. Who knows.

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