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Picture of the Day 05.20.2012


05.19.2012 Picture of the Day

Yesterday I took a longer walk than I had the last couple of days and decided to head on over to the East Side (of Providence) before I’d head home… and through the chaos at the Dunkin Donuts Center for Johnson & Wales’ Commencement Ceremonies. Heh, was surprisingly quiet on the East Side, in spite of the warmer than usual spring weather, but then again a lot of the students are either finishing up their classes or have finished and headed home for the summer. There were still some stragglers about, laying on the lawns and getting a bit of sun in.

This is the clock tower at Brown University which is border between the Brown and RISD campuses. Amusingly in the last couple of years, if you look above the clock, you’ll see some of the local trees have rooted in the tower and appear to be growing. Makes me wonder when the groundskeepers will get up there to clear that out given those saplings look to be about 1 – 2 years old.

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