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Picture of the Day 05.25.2012


05.25.2012 Picture of the Day

Technically this picture’s a do-over because the picture that I thought that I had taken, didn’t really save. I guess my phone’s more than a little picky when it comes to when I can shut down the camera software and the picture being saved.

Surprisingly I had only learned recently that this is a poisonous plant. Little did I know this as a child as I had always been rather fascinated with the purple flowers and colorful berries that this produces. Equally surprising is just how common this plant here is in the Tundras of New England too. Why just walking around the block since learned this is Bittersweet Nightshade (Solanum dulcamara) I counted at least 10 separate plants growing in a one block radius (from the house). Up in my hometown, I used to see it everywhere… If only I knew back then, perhaps I would’ve been a bit more in awe.

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