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Of course you realize, this means war!


Entry 07/01/2012 01:27:09 PM – Mentat 659

A diplomat… is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.” – Caskie Stinnett,

July is here and the temperatures are definitely feeling like summer. Well, summer as I expect of it and would “enjoy” living in the Crotch of the Bible Belt. But I think that’s only because we have more of that BS coming up from the Gulf that involves Tropical Depression (formerly Storm) Debby happily heading up in a nor’ easterly way throwing high pressure fronts and temperatures ahead and west of it towards the eastern US Coast. According to news from friends and former colleagues working at Cox, it hit the Virginia area causing a loss of power to about ½ million customers from the North Carolina border up to Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. @ISPOutages was reporting loss of connectivity to larger companies in the area yesterday, and there were times during the day that I found PL going on to various places when going through the Fiber Backbones in New York City, and worse when they hit closer to DC on their way points west and overseas (yes, seems that traffic is routed to NYC and DC before heading through the trans-Atlantic cables to points on the other side of the pond. From what I’m seeing of the reports, we’re not going to get much of anything this evening: no high winds, no torrential rains/downpours, nothing other than perhaps a thunderstorm. Pity that, and here I was hoping for something to write about.

So I’m thinking that I might as well come out of my sabbatical. Most of the reason is because of the emotional bruising that I had taken when I made the announcement has since heal. Part of the reason is because the person that involved (and I) are going forward smoothly and as though nothing has really changed. And the rest of the reason is because I’m piss and vinegar at the moment and I realize it’s time that I need to prepare for a battle akin to War of the Roses at the homestead in spite of the fact that there was no love or marriage involved at all. No, quite the opposite really — I haven’t felt this much loathing, contempt and disdain for another human being quite as much as I’m feeling right now. Yes, Mr. Dead-to-Me has been promoted to Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh that’s how much contempt I’m currently feeling.

The brief history of this is that while I was on sabbatical — about 2 weeks ago (the mid-month mark) — that I was sick and tired of the fact that he was a deadbeat and that if he didn’t pay me in full by the end of the month — he would be paying my half of the rent this month, and a majority of the rent for next month as restitution. He didn’t say a thing to me about it, and when he tried to give me excuses, I told him simply, “I didn’t want to hear any stories.” And every time he opened his mouth, I repeated it like a mantra.

He stopped giving me excuses the first week and then sometime around the end of the week tells me that he had a job that he had to work for the next week. I smiled and said, “I mean it, I don’t want to hear any stories from you.”

Then about the middle of the week after working about 4 days, he comes in and tells me that he’s not going to be paid as he had expected and that the check would be mailed and here within 2 weeks of the end of the work. Didn’t take me too long to realize what the job was — he was a Production Assistant for X-Factor US that was auditioning at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center.

I parroted once again, “I don’t care if you have to give blowjobs to monkeys at the local zoo, You owe money and I don’t want to hear any more stories.”

Then last night at last minute he starts his shit again, saying that it would be in my best interest to pay the rent as I was only a “boarder” here and that the landlord would be able to throw me out for not paying.

Of course he hit me while I was having supper. Of course my sugar’s low and I can’t think clearly. All that I had going at that point was anger and low sugar. And I went with it too. I told him, “I told you 2 weeks ago I wasn’t going to pay and I’m not going to pay.  Now get out!”

He said to me, “I’m not 13, I don’t have to go when ordered.” (Which was a lie, as he was prepping to head over to his friend’s to help him move). He said it with a snotty tone.

I said, “If you acted like an adult, I wouldn’t have to treat you like a specials kid drawing Clue Maps to get the fuck out.”

He gave up and left staying out of my hair for the remainder of the night (and ran out today, right after he woke up and got out of bed.

So once I had finished eating, and got my sugar levels back to where they needed to be, I began doing a whole lot of research. About the same time I had downloaded the Rhode Island Landlord-Tenant’s Handbook and began doing a bit of research. And then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks from several directions. The first is that because the landlord had given permission for a “roommate” and thereby a “boarder”, then it’s Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh’s responsibility to pay the rent in full according to the Oral agreement for renting this apartment. Which means that if there’s going to be an eviction process it’s going against his name. Second, it’s not as though the landlord’s going to be able to throw me out overnight. There’s General Law that states that this needs to be done in a specific time and first-class mail needs to be exchanged between the landlord, the tenant and the state court system. This can take 1 month to process, and then depending on the hearing another several months before the eviction will be completed. If they hearing goes in favor of the tenant, this can last longer — e.g. the amount of time it takes for the tenant to find a new place to live. In best case scenarios, that can take more than 6 months with the tenant living rent free the entire time.

Heh, this is NOT something the slum-lord of a landlord is going to want to deal with as he’s still 1 down here at this rental property for a tenant and that’s hurting him.

Second, there’s the issue that the landlord is tired of Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh. He hasn’t paid his part of the rent on time since he no longer works for the landlord (story there I’ll get to in a minute). This became evident the month before (May) when the landlord had called Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh explaining to him in detail the responsibility and importance of the tenant paying his rent on time. In the past — Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh used to work off his part of the rent by doing odd-jobs for the landlord over at his office. This worked out pretty well for the deadbeat as it was done in trade by the hour and he worked many days on various work for the landlord’s other projects. This came to a crashing end when one weekend, the landlord decided on taking all the odd-job workers he had been employing out for drinks. While out for drinks, the stupid twat said a bit more loudly than he should have, something rather hurtful about the landlord (something to the extent of calling him a confused Hitler-like asshole, or something along those lines), the landlord overheard this and at that point would refuse to allow Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh to work off his portion of the rent by doing odd-jobs. Hell, even after the deadbeat of a roommate apologized, and the landlord accepted it, the landlord has told him in no uncertain terms he’s not welcome to work for him anymore.

Then there’s the other indicator when the toilet broke last month. When the landlord came over to fix it, each time Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh opened his mouth, the landlord would look at me and say, “do you have any idea what he’s talking about?” I would put my hands in the air each time in frustration and confusion. The landlord even came to the same conclusion as to how the toilet broke, which Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh would act like a 13 year old harping out, “It just happened.” Toilets don’t just break spontaneously and given the place it broke it was caused by human error banging into the toilet rather hard.

The third and final point involves how this gets really sticky. First off, my half of the rent has always been paid on time, by check with copies as receipts available on each of my monthly statements. Next is all the utility bills are in my name, and paid in full, without any proof of monies received from my bank program (Quicken). It’s not as though I’m going to lie on my bank program, if he had paid me any it would show up as a deposit — I hate having money on me and the only times I will is for 1 maybe 2 days along the lines of $10 for laundry, or $20 for RIPTIKs. $50 or so a month isn’t something I would hold on for a month… it would go in if only for a record of monies paid back. So for all intent and purpose, when it comes to proof of existence in this apartment, the court will see it as I’m the tenant more than just a “boarder”. Particularly when you consider the other red flags against the deadbeat about not paying child support on time, groceries are bought with his ex-wife’s welfare and the proof of his drinking habits.

So tomorrow morning my plate is full with two issues that I’m going to need to address. The first is that I need to talk with the utility company and see if they have some sort of service about sending a technician over to check the fuse panel for the apartment. Seems odd that when the microwave and toaster oven is on, the whole apartment loses power. According to the reset in the panel, it looks like the whole of the house is set on a 15 amp fuse (which isn’t right at all). Then I need to speak with the landlord about getting Mr. Waste-of-Human-Flesh out of here. I’m tired of his lies, complete lack of integrity and the fact that the only reason why he’s throwing the trash is because I had to light into him for the time he rushed down the stairs to clean dog sick from the stairs because his son had stepped into it, but hasn’t once in 8 months cleaned the house.

I also have a list of the laws that that the landlord might need to address if he’s going to seek legal action about eviction, though I can’t talk about them at the moment (don’t want to tip my hand until it’s been addressed). So there will be more to this in the near future.

To further exacerbate the problem and in classic Michael Andrew fashion, I’ve made it a point of fighting a war on 12 fronts (and am reminded keenly of the show quote from Londo Mollari, “Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to kingdom of idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts.”) I’ve decided to stop stealthing on the biggest sheep farm on the Internet (AKA Facebook) if only because I’m of the mind, if I’m going to confront, fight (and hopefully) win against the deadbeat twat, I’m going to go after more than a few exes in the process as well. After all, somewhere along the lines they think that after x number of years have passed “we” should be friends again. The worst of them that had me running for the hills was Rick’s attempt. Not to mention that was the attempt that convinced me to delete my account on Facebook years ago.

Well not anymore. It’s time to face those demons as well… And regardless of whether Glenn thinks this is a good idea, who am I to suggest the same to him in what he’s avoiding, if I’m going to do the same with my demons and skeletons in my closet? No siree! I can’t do that at all. Face mine and get them out, and move the hell on… It’s long since time.

Well that’s about it for the time being. It’s time to come out of hiding, and time to bare my teeth at the challenges ahead. Until the next time.

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